Cornish in Norfolk/East Anglia?


I know this is a massive long shot, but is anyone else learning Cornish in Norfolk or East anglia, who might like to meet up to practice?


@dee :slight_smile:


Gorthugher da Shaun - have you also posted on the FB Fluent in Cornish page as well? There was someone in I think Lincolnshire who was interested in learning, and I remember thinking of you, because you are both about an hour’s drive from Cambridge, so if you met in the middle once a month or something it might work. Also - maybe email Mark Trevethan at Cornwall Council; I was having a chat with him a couple of weeks ago, and he was pondering different models of teaching, like a day or half day a month of face to face lessons combined with things like SSIC and the Kesva Correspondence Course in between times. I think he was thinking Kernow, but maybe if there’s enough interest elsewhere some of the teachers in London could be persuaded to do something. Chons da!


Meur ras rag dha gorthyp, good idea to contact Mark I expect he’s the first port of call for a lot of enquiries.
I have sort of posted on that Facebook group by way of discussion about where people are outside of cornwall, none my way yet!
Of course London is closer now as well so I’ll keep my eye out for events there!


I’m in Kent, not far from the Estuary, so I’m not that far from East Anglia, if not exactly close to Norfolk… :smile: Looking out for events in London is probably a good idea. I haven’t made it to very many myself, but that’s encouraging to hear that Mark is also thinking of other models of teaching and perhaps that will help those of us who live further from Kernow. Thanks, Ella — and might see you some time, Shaun, if there’s an event we can both get to.


Yes, that would be great Courtney,
I’ll look out for you!! :smiley: