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Cornish language events


Re Bristol Cornish Class - Well, that was FUN - Gary Angove is our teacher and he really knows what he’s doing. Next class is same venue, on the 23rd September 10.00 -12.00.


Not a Cornish language event but it does show a couple of events, Pellwollock an Gernewegva starring me and @Courtenay! Btw what is the name of the song you’re singing in Penzance?


I was going to say “How did I get into this??” :astonished: but you’re right — from 15:43 onwards there’s footage of us at the Union Crew Weekend in Penzance last February. We’re singing “Para Hern” (“Curing Pilchards”), which is based on a poem written by John Boson in the Late Cornish period, early 1700s. The duo earlier in the video, Salt and Sky, seem to be singing a different setting of the same poem. It was written in Newlyn and name-drops Karrek Loos y’n Koos — St Michael’s Mount — so it’s a good one for the local area!


Just as a reminder to anyone here who’s interested — the annual Cornish Language Weekend (Pennseythen Gernewek) in Newquay is coming up again! :grinning: The application form is available from Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek (the Cornish Language Fellowship):

I’ve been there the last two years and it is REALLY worth it, even if you’re only just starting out with the language. There are classes and activities for all levels from complete beginners to fluent speakers and all ages are welcome, including young children. There’s always a sing-along evening and a dance evening, a cramming day for those studying for the language exams (I’m planning to attend that this year), and an excursion to local places of historic interest. All the people there are heaps of fun (at least in my experience) and the food at the hotel is really good too! :yum:

I’d love to hear from anyone else who’d like to attend this year — it really is a great event to be part of. Agas gweles ena (see you there)!


Hi Courtenay, I’m going to be in Helston from 30 July to 3 Aug. I know of the Redruth and Porkellis conversation groups and would like to attend at least one but I’m not sure how it will be just dropping in with no experience of ever having actually tried to speak Cornish (also will be with my partner, Patrick, who has zero knowledge of Brythonic languages). I don’t really want to be intruding into conversation groups that are not really for beginners so thought I’d ask your advice as I think you mentioned somewhere having been to some of these. Also if you know of anything else that is on (within range of Helston) please let me know. Meur ras!


Hi Dyvrig,

In my experience, all the Yeth an Werin conversation groups I’ve been to are really welcoming to ANYONE who’s interested and wants to come along (including partners/family/friends who don’t speak Cornish at all!) — regardless of level of knowledge or confidence or whatever. They’re really informal and friendly and fun.

In fact, I know the Porkellis group quite well and they always have a special session for beginners/complete newcomers at 7.30 pm before the more experienced speakers arrive at 8.00. That’s the first Thursday of the month, which will be 2 August in your case. I would highly recommend it if you and Patrick are interested — I know they’ll be happy to welcome you both. My Kernewek tutor Steve and his wife Dee usually run the beginners’ session, so say hello to them for me if you go! :wink: Actually, Steve is one of the official contact people for the Yeth an Werin, so do email him at if you’ve got any questions about the evening.

Oll an gwella (all the best) — hope you have a great time!


Thanks Courtenay, I have got a contact name for the Redruth group so it’s great to have one for the Porkellis one also. (btw I really should change my ‘nom de plume’… Dyrig is based on the Donegal pronunciation of my real name (Dominic) crossed with a hypothetical Brytonic spelling! It always throws me for a minute when I see it in messages here :slight_smile: ) I’m so looking forward to this trip… Only been once to North-East Cornwall many years ago but the Lizard-Redruth area is where my paternal ancestors are from so it is a very special visit for me.


You’re welcome, Dominic :slight_smile: I’m Australian myself, but my own paternal ancestors were from Camborne (which has a long-standing rivalry with Redruth, but don’t worry, I haven’t inherited it :grin:). Hope you have a wonderful trip!

I don’t know of any other Cornish language-related events coming up in the Helston area, I should have mentioned before, but I live a long way from Cornwall and don’t always pick things up through the gwinbrenn Kernewek (Cornish language grapevine… I just coined that, or rather calqued it ;)). But if you contact the Redruth and/or Porkellis groups, they should be able to help there.


Meur ras Courtenay, My Dad was from Redruth, and later St Agnes, but his paternal line came from the Lizard before that so I doubt they were identified enough with Redruth to develop old rivalries :slight_smile: … In any case the only relatives I will be meeting now live in Camborne so that probably balances things out a bit!


Hi courtesy,
I was just catching up on the forum posts and thought I should add I’m now in the same boat as you as I have moved to Norfolk! I’m no longer the “man on the ground “ in Kernow! :sob:
I’ll be starting KDL once I’ve settled, as well as making more use of saysomething


Hi Shaun,

Don’t worry, I figure we need all the Cornish speakers we can get, whether or not they’re in Kernow! :wink: It’s hard sometimes not being near other speakers, but it can be fun to “spread the word” and let others outside Cornwall know about the language revival. I’ve only had a couple of people (who weren’t really close friends) turn up their noses with comments like “Why don’t you learn a useful language?” :unamused: All my family and most of my non-Cornish friends think it’s really interesting that I’m learning it and they’re very supportive. Plenty of people in other parts of Britain (and the world) love Cornwall and are glad to hear that the language is being revived — and hey, if it encourages them to look out for Kernewek when they’re there and maybe even learn a few words themselves… :grinning:

KDL is very helpful — it certainly got me through first grade pretty well this year. I just wish there were more SSi lessons available, but we’ve all said that before…

Hope you’re enjoying Norfolk! Oll an gwella.


I mentioned this in my comment elsewhere but just have to add here that I had a great time in Cornwall. I got to both the Redruth (Illogan) and Porkellis groups. Dee and Steve were really welcoming (as were the others at both groups). Dee gave myself and Patrick a good introductory lesson (somewhat to Patrick’s surprise :slight_smile: )and I found her perspective on learning Cornish very useful. I will definitely be keeping in touch with them and thank you so much for giving me Steve’s email!


Just thought of something else worth mentioning for any Welsh speakers / learners here who are within reach of Cardiff and are also interested in learning Cornish — there is also a Yeth an Werin (informal Cornish speaking group) in Cardiff every first Tuesday of the month from 7.30-10pm. It’s at Y Mochyn Du (Brewhouse & Kitchen), Sophia Close, Cardiff — contact Duncan McIntosh at I haven’t attended that one myself — hopefully I may get there one day! — but I’m pretty sure a lot of the regulars there are Welsh speakers as well. So do consider it if you’d like to be diwyethek yn Kernewek ha Kembrek. :slight_smile:


For anyone who may be interested, the annual Cornish Language Weekend (Pennseythen Gernewek) is coming up again in Newquay — Friday 5 - Sunday 7 April 2019! :grinning:

I won’t be there this year, unfortunately (hopefully next year!), but it is always a fantastic event — heaps of fun and all levels of language ability are catered for, including complete beginners and young children. There are nearly always some Welsh and/or Breton speakers there too. So if you’d like to help support the revival of Cornish and meet lots of lovely friendly people who are doing the same, do consider giving it a try! More information and the application form here:


Dydh da everyone,
I’ve ben working my way through the SSI course and was hoping to go to the Cornish Language weeikend, but can’t make it this year because of the travel.
A combination of being visually impaired and short change times was making it look like 7 hours each way, and I would have to stay an extra day, as the risk of getting stranded on the way home was looking very real.

As I would have an assistance dog with me that’s not a situation I would want to get in to :frowning:
However I’m hoping to make it next year, as we’ll probably tag a holiday on to the end of it.
I hope anyone who is going has lots of fun.

Oll a’n gwella


Hi Jennifer,

Sorry you can’t get there this year — hope everything works out for you next year. I’m looking forward to being there next year too. :slight_smile:


While we’re at it, this isn’t an “event” as such, but I’ve just seen on Facebook that Flybe will be greeting passengers on their new Heathrow - Newquay service with this announcement in Cornish:


(That is: “Good day ladies and gentlemen, a warm welcome aboard from our crew at Flybe for your flight today in our new Newquay - Heathrow service.”)

!!! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Meur ras dhys, Courtenay.
I feel elated having seen this. Makes me want to fly Turkey-Heathrow, just to get aboard the Newquay flight and hear the ‘welcome’ message spoken in Cornish.
Now looking at flights for August.
Kemer wyth hag oll an gwella,


I feel the same temptation (though at least I don’t have to come from outside the UK to get to Heathrow — it’s just the other side of London for me)! :grin: But I’m not sure whether they’re actually doing that announcement on every single flight, or if it was just on their first day or two as a publicity stunt. Still, any public use of the language is raising awareness of it, and that’s always good…


I’ve just seen this advertised in a Pembrokeshire Welsh events newsletter:

‘Siarad Cernyweg, wedi bod yn dysgu neu am ddysgu? Wel, mae grwp bach anffurfiol wedi ffurfio yng Ngorllewin Cymru’n ddiweddar er mwyn hybu defnydd yr iaith. Dyn ni’n awyddus iawn i glywed gan unrhyw un sydd a diddordeb i gwrdd yn fisol am baned neu beint. Cysylltwch a Kevin ar 07866713607 neu

'Kewsel Kernewek, re beu ow tyski po mynnes dyski? Da lowr, furvys bagas byhan anstroethys yn Kembra West a-gynsow rag skodhya devnydh an yeth. Da via genen klywes gans nebonan hag bos ganso po gensi hwans mwtya pub mis rag hanav po pinta.Kestavewgh gans Kevin 07866713607 po

So in other words, there’s a Cornish language conversation group in west Wales - contact Kevin on the number above for more information.