Course 1 vs Level 1 - which? Why? When? What?!


I’m not sure if there’s a longer answer to this on the forum somewhere - but it’s basically a shift in methodology based on about 3 or 4 years of feedback on the first course. The most important element of the shift is about focusing much more on model conversations, instead of frequency lists… :sunny:


Many thanks.
I’m happy to report that I have already whizzed through to challenge 7 and am thoroughly enjoying it. Having done the whole of course 1 I find I am picking this up quite quickly and I think my ear is starting to become more attuned. I was at Cardiff railway station on Friday and was delighted to be able to pick out at least some words from the Welsh announcements! Listening to BBC Radio Cymru seems to help too.
Best wishes.


Fantastic! Make sure you do the listening exercises every day, and you’re going to be doing great things in the next few months… :star: :star2:



So two newbies here. My fiance and I started Course 1 last night, he’s originally from Bridgend, so did Welsh GCSE, but I’m a total newcomer to it all. As he’s from Bridgend we started the Southern course - just checking if it’s therefore better to stick with going up the Courses, or starting with the Levels? From scanning the forums it looks like some of the southern options were more limited depending which route you took, for the time being at least?

Last night was good fun though. Made it easier both bouncing words off each other.




I’m slightly biased, but I think the Levels are much better - and we’re hoping to have a good chunk of new stuff for the southern Levels by the end of October… :sunny:

[But it’s not the end of the world if you stick with the Courses for now, either! Whichever way you jump, welcome to the forum and good luck!]


Noswaith dda
I’m coming to the end of course 1; I’m about to start lesson 21. I was half way through the course before I saw this thread. Given the information here, I’m not sure what to do after course 1. Should I do the vocab sessions and then course two or should I jump to level 1?
Help os gwelych yn dda?!


If I were in your shoes, I’d jump straight to Level 1 - but it’s not a mistake if you do vocab + Course 2 first. Follow your heart…:wink:



I downloaded course 1, 1- 6 + bonus a long time ago
and im working thru them at the moment.
bit of a mind puddle with 6 part 2 and bonus.
but after coming on here I guess my best step is to swop over
to the new ‘level 1’ and continue on from there.
so glad I came on the forum and didn’t keep struggling on.


Welcome to the forum! Asking for help/encouragement on here is always much better than struggling on your own… :sunny:

And yes, if the lessons 6 are making you despair, switching over to Level 1 is one very straightforward solution :sunny:


It also helps that Level 1 Southern is now finished (apart from the listening practice - but downloading the Northern listening practice files will help almost as much). At this point, I’m finally comfortable recommending Level 1 over Course 1 to pretty much anybody (though Southern listening practice files would be nice, when possible :wink: ). That said, doing Course 1 after Level 1 (then doing courses 2 and 3) would not be a mistake; you’ll learn alternative ways of saying things, more vocabulary and the joys of “mynd â’r ci porfor am dro gyda’r plant ac yfed llawer o gwrw yn y dafarn” (taking the purple dog for a walk with the kids and drinking lots of beer in the pub).


Should be ready in the not-too-distant future… :sunny:


I’ve recently started course 1 as the frequency lists are much more suited to my nerdy sciencey brain & im loving it! Aran, I beg you, please don’t remove courses 1-3 before I have a chance to get to them as they are what is making your system so effective for me!!!


Tell me more about these mysterious things… :sunny:

But in the meantime, don’t worry, we’ll never entirely remove the old stuff, I don’t think - we’ll just tuck it away out of sight and mind at some point before too much longer, so only people who are absolutely determined to find it will… :sunny:


Someone described the courses like that in one of the posts in the forum. They said that the courses are more engineering like in their structure and the levels were more arty.


I kind of like that - I think I’ve just missed what you mean by the ‘frequency lists’ - but there’s certainly more ‘clunk-click’ to the old stuff…:wink:


I’m not 100% sure myself. Its a term someone else used so I assumed it was your term. I think clunk click is a much better description for both the courses & my brain :slight_smile:


Oh, I know that feeling!..:wink:


Ditto to your request that started this latest chain of comments here Clair.

As a variation on a theme, I have been enjoying a blend of both formats taking each a few lessons or challenges at a time but never letting either grow stale. The Gwers format appeals to one part of me, the Challenges to another–left brain/right brain thinking???

If you want to see how it is working for me, look at the more recent posts in the topic ‘what am I hearing or missing…’ describing my imaginary horse race between the two.

I support your comment 200% and am willing to chain myself… Hm, not sure where, well maybe just stay glued to SSiW :+1:


For a lot of us who don’t feel like natural linguists I don’t see this as an either or choice. I have just finished course 1 which I have loved, and I am loving the vocabulary units even more (so far - just done the second) because they are helping consolidate the grammar from the course. Marvellous. I was at 12 in level 1 when I got engrossed in course 1 so I will now move back and finish level 1 which will consolidate even more. More practice can surely only be good to make sure we have strong foundations?


Yes, it’s all grist to the mill - and it’s not a race, so you don’t have to try and find the fastest route… :sunny: