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Craith - Anyone want to discuss this S4C drama series? (Warning, may contain spoilers)


Latest Craith continues in dark, dark mood. Whereas on Spiral there is the odd mutually enjoyable cuddle to lighten things! I won’t stop watching, but I can’t help feeling that programme makers in Wales seem to have watched all the Nordic Noire and then copied all the darkest parts!!


Yes it is very brooding, isn’t it?
I find the Dylan character interesting - as I’m sure we are yet to discover, he is probably capable of deeply disturbing things, yet he just looks bewildered and hapless. Frightened of his own shadow, his mother, his boss, yet showed what seemed like genuine tenderness to the little girl in the house (I’m assuming that’s his daughter - unless Dylan has other siblings that are not in the picture, and she belongs to one of them).
Where have I seen Cadi’s big sis before?


Um, wasn’t she “the other woman” (that wasn’t) in “Un Bore Mercher”?
(although I’m not really sure about that).


Yes, according to IMDB – also, Sam’s mother in Bang, which I hadn’t recognised her from. (Nia Roberts)


She was also in the last episode of Y Gwyll/Hinterland in Series 1 playing the character Gwen Thomas.[quote=“cat-1, post:22, topic:10648”]
as I’m sure we are yet to discover, he is probably capable of deeply disturbing things

I’m more than a bit afraid to discover what he’s going to do to Megan :astonished:


Of course! That’s where I’ve seen her! I remember her vaguely from Un Bore, but her character in Bang is more firmly rooted in my memory.

I’m yet to see this at all - I can’t seem to find it to watch anywhere. Anyone know if there’s an online treasure trove?[quote=“AnnaC, post:25, topic:10648”]
I’m more than a bit afraid to discover what he’s going to do to Megan

Me too - poor Megan! At least now they’ve got something to push them along. Murder is not enough - murder plus kidnapping and impending doom should chivvy things up!


I’m still trying to get my head around Rhodri playing a bad guy. I’m sure he’s done it before, but not in anything I’ve seen


If you are enjoying Craith, you will love Y Gwyll! Here in the US, the English version is available on Netflix. I have the first two series in Welsh on DVD, and I’ve just ordered the third one (from the Arrow Films website, which is where I also bought the first one. I bought the second series from Siop Cwlwm. Just depended on where I could find them at the time I was looking!) Unfortunately, they only have English subtitles and not Welsh. But I’d rather watch in Welsh with English subtitles than watch the English-only version, and I’m happy to support the Welsh language version :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, Bang wasn’t made available internationally - disappointed about that!

I keep thinking of him as his character in Anita - talk about as different as different could be! :smile:


Came across this article about Craith, if anyone’s interested…


It seems there will be an English version of Craith called Hidden. Maybe this is how S4C supports their excellent programming. This idea all started with Y Gwyll of filming each scene twice, which I suppose is cheap to do with bilingual actors. You just have the characters screaming and running away from the monsters and dodging fireballs then do the dialogue where there are no special effects.
Good for funding, but I’m a little afraid that there’ll be a little too much of trying to appeal to English speaking audiences in the international market. I just wish people would learn to accept subtitles… Someone told me that Mami Mochyn in Peppa is quite different in the English version. Things can get weird when when you do them in two languages


I haven’t seen him in anything else! Except Pride, which I know he was in, but I can’t remember who he plays.

I really want to see it - in Welsh, mind! I’ve seen the English version available but not the Welsh. I’m sure I’ll stumble over it eventually.[quote=“AnnaC, post:28, topic:10648”]
Bang wasn’t made available internationally

That’s a real shame! Maybe in the future?


A re-invented idea though, since it had also been done with “A Mind To Kill” / “Y Heliwr” in the early 1990s. (I started a thread about it; unfortunately, the DVDs are only available in the English version).
Although I’m sure funding has always been somewhat tight, I think there was more money around then in terms of paying actors, since it has a large cast (or actors came cheap in those days :slight_smile: ). Also lots of extras, etc.

Good point. That is a worry.


Very interesting. Diolch!


Well it seems they do in everything except Welsh, e.g. Spiral, The Bridge, I Know Who You Are, Inspector Montalbano and a good few others, but perhaps the resistance to showing anything in Welsh with English subtitles is more down to the TV folk in London rather than the audience…


Didn’t the BBC show Hedd Wyn (the movie) with subtitles, or was that only in Wales?


Was he perhaps in Y Gwyll? I’ve a feeling I’ve seen him as a dyn drwg in something.
He was talking about his role in Craith on S4C’s Heno tonight - seems next Sunday’s episode will all be in the ‘Cabin in the Clearing’. He was saying that the English version will be a mixture of English/Welsh with subtitles, but varying from episode to episode, e.g. the English version of next Sunday’s episode is going to be all in Welsh with subtitles it seems.


Is the English version available already somewhere?
I do need to get hold of the Y Gwyll DVDs, I’ve mainly watched them in the English version and early in my Welsh journey.


I don’t really know, but I’d think it wouldn’t be until after it had been broadcast which presumably is going to be later this year


I know him best as the husband of the Catherine Ayers character in Byw Celwydd, but that wasn’t a crime series (well, not unless you consider politics to be a criminal activity… :wink: ).


I’d forgotten he was in that. He’s an extremely versatile actor!