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Craith - Anyone want to discuss this S4C drama series? (Warning, may contain spoilers)


This series needs to be watched in Welsh. The English-language version seems flat in comparison, don’t know why.

I am saddened, however, by the amount of English that creeps into the Welsh script.
“Mae geni shit i 'neud” (“I’ve got shit [things] to do”.
“Sniffio o gwmpas y lle” (“Sniffing around the place”).

Gwynedd people are the worst offenders. Apparently it’s a form of inverted snobbery. They don’t like to appear too competent at correct Welsh in case people think they’re posh. The other day on Radio Cymru I heard “tent” for “pabell” from a fluent Welsh speaker. Bobol bach!


I actually like the English version very much, but I share your concern when unnecessary English words creep in (not just this, but anything really).

We can allow for people like Arthur of course, who is meant to be a bit of a rough diamond (although with hidden depths), so I’d expect a bit of Wenglish from him (I don’t actually know that he’s a particular offender though - I was just giving him as a possible example).

( I love the way Arthur talks actually)

And we know that Faith (as well as the actress playing her) is an adult learner, so whara teg.

And Faith’s best friend (name temporarily escapes me) is a bit of a card, so we can expect anything from her (and we certainly get it…I offer as evidence her hilarious judgement as to Faith and Efan’s sex life ("…I mean reeli reeli go for it…?.." ) :wink:

Oh, crackers! I’m confusing “Craith” and “Un bore Mercher” aren’t I? Sorry, as you were.

(It’s because “Un Bore Mercher” is currently being repeated on S4C & that has confused me! :slight_smile:


I was recommended the English version Hidden by a mate who knew I was learning welsh, and suspected that there is an S4C version. So I dutifully pay my TV licence for the first time ever (I’ve never used the tv before) so as to watch it on iplayer and find out its not on there, or S4C anymore! Should have checked beforehand I guess!



Filming on a new series of hit psychological crime drama Hidden/Craith has begun in and around Blaenau Ffestiniog.

BBC Cymru Wales and S4C have confirmed that filming has begun for the second series of the hit psychological crime drama.

The BBC Cymru Wales/S4C co-commission, which aired as Craith on S4C first and then as Hidden on BBC One Wales and BBC Four – will return to TV screens this autumn on S4C. The series is also backed by distributors All3media.



Does anyone know where to buy or see the Welsh version as it is long gone from clic and iPlayer. I can’t see it on Amazon or eBay.




GOOD NEWS!!! Craith will be back next month! Here’s the word from S4C:

As the days get shorter and an autumnal chill fills the air, there is no better time to enjoy a brand new series of the haunting and atmospheric detective drama, Craith.

The popular series, that infiltrates the mind and soul like no other, premieres on S4C on Sunday, October 10. The third and final series consists of six weekly episodes


Gwych! Diolch Deborah. Great news except that it’s the final series :slightly_frowning_face:


Looking forward to it! It IS dark–but it’s SO well done!!


Ooh. Exciting. I’ve just finished series 1, and looking forward to series 2 as I know Blaenau Ffestiniog a bit. I reckon I can get through series 2 in a week and catch up!