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Craith - Anyone want to discuss this S4C drama series? (Warning, may contain spoilers)


This is a great show! Very well written, acted, and produced, no one can say the Welsh aren’t artistic performers!

One of the things I’ve noticed is that they say the English word “just” all the time. I assumed “newydd” was the Cymraeg word to be used in that situation, but I could be wrong…


Well, there is also “dim ond” if it means “only”, but it seems like “just” (or “jest” or “jyst”) is pretty common nowadays.

Similarly “lot” (as in “lot o…” something or other) seems quite common. I don’t know if it raises eyebrows in some quarters though.


Watched Pennod 5 - and I saw my house (well, my neighbour’s house that backs onto mine)! Mr Roberts’ dodgy workshop is ‘dros yr aber’ from us. Still trying to work out where the police station is though.

Anyway, binge-watched the rest of the series last night. Absolutely brilliant. I’m going to re-watch without subtitles. I was pleased to notice some familiar constructions and paraphrasing of subtitles, so I must be getting better!

Does anybody know the song Nia was singing?


I would absolutely love it if the same police characters would investigate more cases like this one. Perhaps a series of series. I would definitely watch more.


At the end of a BBC Cymru fyw article today about winning a prize for his stage role in How My Light Is Spent is a list of S4C production’s he’s been in: Y Pris, Caerdydd, Teulu, Tipyn o Stâd, Cyw, Byw Celwydd, Y Gwyll & Rapsgaliwn (seems Wikipedia or wherever that info came from hasn’t yet been updated to include Craith )


Diolch! He’s such a versatile actor. I’d love to see him on stage.


I think he gets cast as rather put-upon folk, in the main! He is very good at looking downcast and unassuming. Seeing him as fierce was a bit of a change and he still came over as wanting to be gentle and kind, but forced by circumstances or his Mam to be the opposite!


I really enjoyed him in ‘Anita’ though. I was one of the many people that were disappointed in S4C for not going ahead with a 3rd series. I thought it was great to feature someone who was learning Welsh and doing their best to use the language.


Just finished binge watching ‘Craith’. What a great programme. This could have been shown of BBC4 on Saturday evenings like they do with the Scandinavian and French police crime dramas - it was equally as good and better than some. Really deserves a wider audience.


Absolut! (as they seem to say in Scandi-land :slight_smile: ).


Interesting list! All Welsh-noir dramas have a mixture of gogs and hwntws, Mike, no matter which part of the country they are set in. This has been the way since your favourite, ‘A Mind to a Kill’, starring the great Philip, set on the Mid Wales-South Wales ‘border’ but with North Walians-aplenty in each story.

Not enough Welsh-speaking actors/actresses to go around, I suppose - at least, not yet…

Do you know what? I think ‘Craith’ is even better than ‘Y Gwyll’, but ‘Un Bore Mercher’ is contrived nonsense with an irritating heroine. Plus, Cadi’s hotter.


Sorri, Mike, I addressed my reply to AnnaC instead of to you (haven’t got the hang of laptops yet).


Also, yes, I’m hearing a lot more use of English numbers in casually-overheard Welsh conversations these days. I (politely) asked one woman on a train why she did it but got no answer.


Y Gwyll arrived on Netflix a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was very good. Too bad they didn’t have a version in Welsh. It was too drawn out for my husband’s tastes. He likes more action oriented mysteries, while I like more drama oriented mysteries. Shetland also came out and I’m waiting for the 4th season to show up on Netflix. I think I like the detective in the show better than in the books. Though the books were certainly good. Hubby didn’t like Shetland at all as he had problems understanding the accent.


This info might have been posted already. but it seems that Hidden, the English language version of Craith, will be starting on 6 June on BBC Wales and on BBC4 on 9 June:


I was going to post the same message. It seems that they have done the same thing as ‘Hinterland/Gwyll’ and recorded it twice - once in Welsh and once in English.


However, if “Un Bore Mercher” is anything to go by, there might be subtle differences between the two versions. I don’t mean in translations, etc, but with some different scenes.


And different cast members. Didn’t one character change sex?


I didn’t remember it as being that racy! :slight_smile:

The faithful secretary (who I’m sure was in love with Evan’s dad) was played by a different actor. There may have been other changes.


I had it fixed in my mind that the Secretary was a male in Craith! Memory failure strikes again!