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Croeso o Ddulyn



Hello @gareth-mitchell

Your link can only be viewed by people who are able and willing to sign into Google.
If you want everyone to view this, you can EITHER cut and paste the content into your post OR set the “sharing” status to “everyone with iink can view” and then include the new link.

Good luck


Hopefully this link is available to all


Otherwise - the link need not to be posted again just made it to be shared is enough. Unfortunately this is video and as such it can not be simply copied and pasted here. Google videos (videos from Drive what is different from YouTube) are not embeded, unfortunately. (I’ve tried this some days ago and couldn’t come around with embeding).

And, yes, @gareth-mitchell, now it’s OK. Nice also.


You’re right as usual, @tatjana - the links are indeed identical. :smile:
Thank you for this pleasing video. @gareth-mitchell


I had to putquotes around the url link otherwose it just appwared as a blank screen with a greybroken link sign i the middle. I’ve had to grant access to a few people through drive. No idea why they make it so complicated to share files when that’s the point in cloud storage. Hopefully after a few tweaks everyone can see it.


Where is that bridge? I’m fairly sure I used to know but now can’t remember . . .


It’s on the Liffey in Dublin