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Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?


Welcome, Kai! I’m in the US and I started off by Googling to learn how to pronounce Welsh words in a book I was reading. I’ve been interested in Wales and Welsh since childhood but never thought I could actually learn the language. My Googling led me to SSiW, I gave the first lesson a try, and I was hooked! Now I speak Welsh :slight_smile:

Come here and ask any questions you have, and let us know how you are doing. Have fun!


Oh my gosh! That is exactly how I started! No joke! When people ask, “why Welsh?” I always tell them I started by trying figure out phrases in a book and it took off from there. Then they look at me weird. I am glad I was rereading the book for the umpteenth time or I would have never started this fantastic journey I am on with this great community.
By the way @AnnaC what book were you googling?


That’s so funny! I was reading one of the early Brother Cadfael books, I think A Morbid Taste for Bones. I can remember reading The Grey King by Susan Cooper as a child and being fascinated by the setting and Welsh names, so this wasn’t the first time I’d wanted to understand Welsh pronunciation. At that time there was no such thing as the internet - no hope of learning Welsh :slightly_frowning_face:

One of my friends and I wanted to go to the University of Aberystwyth when we were in high school and looking at colleges. I’d never really have been able to go, for a number of reasons, but I sent away for the information and I remember looking at all the materials and dreaming of going! It’s been an ongoing theme in my life for a long time…

What were you reading?


That is great! I was reading The Grey King. I found them while we were moving to Tampa. I started to read them again because I thought my daughter would like them. I saw the Welsh and said, “wait a minute…I have google translate!” After that I was hooked on learning Welsh.
If my older self could talk to my younger self I would definitely tell her to go to college in Wales. Perhaps I can get another Masters there…:thinking:


Oh yes, those too along with Gillian Bradshaw’s Down The Long Wind trilogy and Stephen R Lawhead’s books.

Hah…That required more application in the pre-internet days…:laughing: @KellyMoore @AnnaC


Great minds, and all that… :joy:

I’m not familiar with these, but will investigate! :slight_smile:

Isn’t the internet such an amazing, wonderful thing? My children (in their 20’s), who never knew anything different, simply cannot appreciate it the way I and my generation can! (I’ll leave you to guess how old that makes me; a lady never tells :joy: )


Don’t suppose you follow rugby do you… :wink: Welcome to the Forum!

It’s true, this is a great way to link up no matter what the time-zone, what the question—or to just say ‘I did it!’ then run around the room arms pumping the air enjoying the virtual sound of full-throated cheers from the crowd of SSiW supporters in stands.



I think my problem was I am trying to learn in the car on the way to and from work so trying to listen to and remember the englsi so I can say the welsh. With the English written down on paper I can say they welshwhich really impressed me so very happy with my few sentences so far.

went to the York Viking Festival recently and spoke to my Welsh mate in Welsh. I think he was surprised how easy i have picked the basic bits up but that is due to this course and the way it is structured.

Thanks for the help and support.


Sounds great. Just in case anyone is listening in :oncoming_police_car: we all know that you only look at the piece of paper when you aren’t actually driving :smiley:

Also I found it ok to ignore the sound of the Challenge when driving became slightly more in need of dedicated concentration, say at road junctions, in heavy traffic etc, and then perhaps listen in again later, or practice the whole challenge twice. I guess the same if listening while looking after kids etc.

Big welcome to SSIW and the forum, by the way.


Bore da. I am French and very interested in languages. I have been learning Welsh on Duo Lingo for a few months but a member of my community choir recommended your web site and here I am. My first question however is how can I change from the North Welsh course to the South Welsh course? I think I had opted for South Welsh on Duo Lingo and I am afraid of getting confused. I had learnt that to want was eisiau for instance and today it was introduced as isio.
I will appreciate any help anyone can give me.
Diolch yn fawr.


Croeso Francoise :slight_smile:

eisiau (written form spelling) and isio (spoken form spelling) are actually both the same word. This is ‘to want’ in Northern - Southern ‘to want’ would be the word moyn.


Hi Francoise,

Firstly welcome to the forum - you have come to the right place!

I also found Duo Lingo first and then Say Something In Welsh afterwards. .

I did the southern course but know from experience that the northern version is much more similar to what you will have done in Duo Lingo.

Eisiau is a word that is pronounced differently in different regions (and sometimes the spelling is adjusted to match)… isio is one of those pronunciations - it is eisiau!

However you can change regions under “settings” - which is the little cog wheel on the App or in the menu under your name on the main site.

Rich :slight_smile:


Diolch yn fawr!


Diolch yn fawr!

Welsh is a fascinating language.


Croeso, Françoise-Evans! Welcome, Françoise-Evans! I was the opposite. Started with SSiW and then found DuoLingo. In SSiW, I started with Southern Welsh and when I used DuoLingo, I used ‘moyn’ for want and DuoLingo was expecting ‘eisiau.’ The program accepted ‘moyn’ but it felt like the program paused momentarily, almost to say, “Fine, I accept it, but I’m keeping my eye on you.” :smile:


I am learning Welsh in a weekly class in Flint and I want to SSiW too. I live in Lancashire but have always been drawn to Wales. A few years ago I walked from Greenfield near Holywell to Enlli over a fortnight, and started writing poetry. Now I have been on writing courses at Ty Newydd near Cricieth, and take part in RS Thomas festivals in Aberdaron and Eglwysfach. I also climb cadair Idris at every opportunity.
Tan tro nesa.


Bonjour Françoise et bienvenue…:slight_smile:

While you’re working through the introductory ‘1 sentence’ bits, you’ll be getting some ‘eisiau/isio’ (which will help you later on, because you’ll hear both even in the south) but once you’re through that, you’ll be able to choose southern for the main sessions… :slight_smile:


Welcome @francoise-evans and @edmund-dixon! We are happy you are here, and happy to help if you have any questions!


Hi! Peter here. Just starting . . . . A bit confused as to why I can’t seem to find the same course (a sentence a day) on my phone! I’ve found the new course, but it’s a series of Challenges (in SSiW Level 1).
I’d rather stick with the same course while I get going. Should I just stay with the Sentence A day on my laptop and stop trying to find the same version on my phone? BTW - I’m using the website on my phone, and not the app.
Any advice welcome, please



Hi Peter,

First of all, welcome! I’m not very familiar with the Sentence A Day program. I’m tagging @aran and @dee for you. Two things I can think of to try in the meantime…try refreshing your browser on your phone to reload the website. Did you by any chance create an account? Because I don’t see the Sentence a Day choice when I’m logged in, but I see where I could sign up when I’m logged out. I’m sure someone who knows more will be along to help soon!