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Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?


Another thing I saw on language learning.


Hi all This is my first post, i have many questions but I will try to keep things simple! Small steps and all that!
I moved to Wales about a year ago and live in a beautiful village in snowdonia, I wanted to integrate into the community so I decided to take the plunge and try to learn the welsh language! I came across ssiw and I am really enjoying it! Although it’s pretty testing at times!
One thing that I am confused with among many I might add is the different forms of “yes” and “no” would anyone care to enlighten me on the correct ways to reply in welsh?
Many thanks


Hi and Welcome/Croeso. Basicly how it works is that the answer mirrors the verb form of the question. So if the question has an ydy in it the answer will be ydy for yes or nacydy for no, and so on. However I think that most past tense answers can just be do or naddoe.

Having said that. Mostly I hear and use ie and na for every answer. That’s what I use mostly as well.


I have been learning Welsh as an adult for quite a while, but felt I needed to up my game by getting on board with SSiWelsh. Interestingly, I’ve just seen a message from someone here who is in the Froncysylte Male Voice Choir - I don’t live far from Froncysylte, and coincidentally went to a concert given by that choir a few days ago (really great!). My family origins are part Welsh and part English, so I’m hoping genetics will help in my ambition to become more competent in speaking Welsh going forward.


Have you downloaded the app? There are about 15 or so half-hour lessons on that for free.


I have a line of Jenkins in my family, too, but I’ve never been able to confirm that they were of Welsh origin (I understand the name can be either Welsh or English). My wife’s family is half Welsh, half English, but she grew up in England. Her paternal grandfather (a Davies) was from near Colwyn Bay, I think.

My interest in the language started when I studied as an exchange student for a semester at Wrecsam. The college was called North East Wales Institute (NEWI) at the time, but it’s called Wrecsam Glyndwr University now.


Dw i isio dysgu siarad Cymraeg achos dwi’n meddwl dysgu {other languages and} rwan fedra i ddim gweithio {so} mae gen i beth amser i geisio dysgu pethau diddorol


Hi everyone

I live in Switzerland but have roots in Wales (around Llandudno). I’ve always been fascinated with languages in general, and have attempted to learn Welsh using a book before - I didn’t get very far. Recently I read an article about how many people learn Welsh using Duolingo, so I picked that up and have been going strong for over a hundred days now. Somewhere on their forums someone recommended SSIW, and that’s how I ended up here.

I don’t have any concrete plans to move to Wales, though I would certainly like to at some point. I’ve visited a few times and it’s a lovely country with, as far as I can tell, generally lovely people.

Anyway, enough about me. I’m happy to be part of this community and I’m looking forward to more lessons!


Hello to everyone. I’m from California. I’m of Welsh descent. I’ve often thought about learning Welsh because I remember some of the Welsh words I heard my Nan say.
Just by chance I discovered Duolingo when I was brushing up on some Spanish basics, and I saw Welsh. So I thought, give it a try.
I found out about this site from the Duolingo Welsh Facebook group, where it is highly recommended.
From what I’ve read here, it seems like a very good way to learn a language. I listened to Lesson 1 and liked it a lot.
I’ve always believed that’s it’s not a good idea to get bogged down with too many grammar rules when learning a language. After all, I like many others spoke English a long time before studying the grammar in depth.


Hi @Jake! Welcome to the Forum! I live in California and found out about this lovely site on Duolingo, too. I am amazed at how much I have learned using the SSiW method in the last 9 months! What part of California do you live in? I’m up in Sacramento. There are a handful of Californians on the site, northern and southern, and we have arranged some meetups in person and online in recent months, in case you are interested in getting involved in any future events. :slight_smile:


Hello Sasha, I’m in San Diego.
It would be nice to meet up with a local group as soon as I have some basic conversation ability.


I’m impressed! I just finished Day 4.
After Day 3, I was walking around the house making up sentences in Welsh with what I had learned so far.
And yes, I was very, very tempted to repeat Day 1 and Day 2.
Then I read, Do not go back and repeat. So I didn’t - that was not easy to do :wink:
On to Day 5 …


Great! Keep at it @Jake :smile:


Hi All, am moving to Snowdonia next year, and want to make an effort to communicate in Welsh. Just completed Day 5.


Hi, I’m from the north of England originally and have lived in North Wales for quite a few years now but could never get my head around the language because of the sheer speed in which it seems to be spoken. A chance encounter with Radio Cymru as I was scanning the stations one day made me stop and think because I found that I reognised lots of the words being spoken and could repeat them pretty well. I trawled the internet looking for oral Welsh lessons and quickly came upon SSi, I just completed stage 5 tonight and enjoyed it. I love the ladys voice who repeats the sentence after the gap in which the learner speaks, so very clear and audible. Looking forward to my next email from Aran now . . . . .


Croeso everyone! It’s great to read so many different stories and backgrounds. One of the (so many) things I love about SaySomethinginWelsh is that people just get on and chat with each other, and make friends often not just in Wales, but all over the world.

As you move on, you will very quickly get to the stage where you want to use your Welsh with real people, and where better to start than California? :grinning:

Really - we’ve got all kinds of treats coming up for you, but the biggest treat will be speaking to people from all over the world in your new language via our Slack channels and hangouts. Da iawn all!


S’mae! Dw i Taylor. I have been studying Cymraeg on Duolingo for the past year and just happened to stumble upon SSiW on Facebook heddiw and thought I would give it a go!

I’m looking forward to having a community for my studies–as we do not have many (if any) siaradwyr Cymraeg in my area.

Dw i’n mywnhau dysgu Cymraeg yn fawr! I look forward to improving and becoming more fluent!


Shwmae from the U.S.A.! My name’s mike & I’ve been studying Welsh for about a year on duolingo and on one of the numerous Welsh facebook pages they suggested I also try saysomethingin. I’ve Welsh decent on my ma’s side & I figured it would be a language worth learning. My daughter has started as well. I’m hoping between this & duolingo I can at least become halfway proficient in this wonderful language. Any and all help is gratefully appreciated.:grinning:


Great. No problem. There’s plenty of help here and on FB. Pob lwc. Best of luck.


Croeso, Jeni dw i.