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Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?


Blinkin’ nora Lesley, I’m hugely impressed that you’re such a multi-linguist!


Hi Dawn you have my utmost respect for continuing to learn with zeal, even in ‘old age’! All the best with your learning, and I hope you continue to enjoy it!.

Llawer o gariad oddi wrth (lots of love from) GoTG.


Hi there, I am new to this site and noticed this post with a KC-area Welsh society. It’s good to see there are other Welsh language learners not too far from me. Thanks for the information!


Hi! I am Margaret Enger, née Griffiths. I have always wanted to learn my third ancestral language - I already speak French - and this looks like a good way.


Hi, I used to live in West Wales (little England beyond Wales) and am ashamed to say never really learnt Welsh! I have now moved ( near Llandysul) and am in a relationship with a welsh speaker. All the family speak Welsh and change to English when I am around so would really really love to learn and speak Welsh !!!


Bore da!

After wonderful holidays in Caernarfon, Snowdonia and Anglesey (or should I say Ynys Môn?) recently, I’ve decided to take the plunge and learn the beautiful Welsh language. Seeing it on signs and in shops and restaurants, and hearing it spoken everywhere particularly inspired me.

As a long-time speaker of Spanish and French (for both of which I hold a degree), and with passable German, Dutch and Russian, I decided that Welsh would be a fabulous addition to my linguistic collection. Of all places, my mind was made up as I listened to locals chatting in Welsh in a microbrewery on the Llŷn Peninsula.

Really looking forward to this new language journey.


Hello, just wondering if the course is more aimed towards North / South speaking Cymraeg, as I live yn y De


Hi @elliott-cocker

There are separate North and south courses so you can take your pick!


Rich :slight_smile:


How do I choose? Do they split off at a certain point?I’ve just done the second day and haven’t seen any sign of an option yet


I’m not totally sure if the One Sentence course is split into N & S dialects like the other courses. If it is thogyh, there will be a push button saying Change to Southern (or Northern)


I think the one sentence in Welsh (are you doing that?) is a ‘taster’ which is more standard/ northern welsh but everything in it will be useful…

…you can choose between dialects in whatever you choose next…

Rich :slight_smile:


As others have mentioned above, the short taster course is currently only available in the northern version, but as soon as you get to the end you’ll be given a choice of north or south if you want to continue. There are a few minor differences, but you get those sorted in the first proper challenge.


I couldn’t decide on the best place to put this, but the comic I saw on Instagram pretty much describes when you’re early in the learning process.


Loving it!


…but now think of this - with SSi there will come a time when you realise that you’re now the character with the backpack! :wink:


Hi, Sasha-lathrop,

I’m here to satisfy a long held desire to learn Welsh. Also, we have Phelpes, Jenkins, and Davies in our ancestry, so it’s time to learn more.


Dw i Addison, hello! I wandered over here from Duolingo so I could hear proper Welsh being spoken by people rather than a text-to-speech bot.

I’m originally from the American Midwest, moved to London a year ago (as of today!) for uni, and hope to live in Cardiff when I graduate. I figure my chances of employment in Wales will be much better if I can speak Welsh, so I’m throwing myself headfirst into the language!


I’m very new second lesson. Really appreciate the insistence on civility. This is a practical and efficient way to learn and I’m thrilled about it. Will be watching everyone’s posts. My name is Lynn Edwards and I was born in North Wales to Welsh parents and raised in Canada. My parents passed 10 months ago and learning Welsh is a way to honour them and fulfill a life long goal


Helo! Dw i Dai, and I have just started the One Sentence program after working with books and Duolingo.

I had one question - what is the theme music for the One Sentence lessons and where can I get it?


That’s ‘Llygad Bach Fi’ from Lleuwen’s album Tân:

You can get the album for the quite ridiculous price of £2.99 here: