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Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?


S’mae bawb!, Fy enw i yw Seán Ó Conchúir.
I’m very happy to restart my journey into the Welsh language. I’m already a polyglot however, I’m extremely excited for Welsh…


Hi there. Elo pawb. I’ve just started learning via this and duolingo. I’m welsh born and bred, but not from a strongly welsh speaking area, and over 60, so no welsh lessons in my school. I’ve wanted to learn to speak welsh for years but never had the time. However, I’ve s badly sprained knee so have lots of time on my hands! So have already doubled my limited vocabulary. (It consisted of cwtch, yyechydd fi, croeso, ynni nuclear, dim diolch and dwr, pretty much…)


Croeso @Sean and @sally-owen. :grinning: Welcome here at the start to your journey in learning Welsh. It will be a very interesting journey, I promise. Please come to the forum and ask, if you have any questions, and tell us about your progress.


Hi all, Good evening and noson da, I’m afraid I’m struggling with things already. Not the language particularly, but the format I find uncomfortable and the forum structure and general finding my way around difficult.

I started off seeing some ‘challenges’ about hour long repeat-this-audio sessions relatively quick but I seem to have lost them and now get emailed short 10 minute slow exercises. Which is fine but I don’t have any way of knowing where I am, or why really.

Is there some place anyone can point me to where I can orient myself?


Hi @graham-tyets, just my two cents until somebody more knowleageable comes along.
Can you see the “Learn” section next to FAQ and Forum? If you click it, “Learn” dropdown appears with different possibilities.
I guess it will be “1 sentence a week” and then “Challenges” for you. If you click “Challenges”, you get to the audio exercises.

I hope it helps.


Diolch yn fawr!

Dw i angen myw o goffi.



Friends! I want to offer a poem born after the first sentence)))

Achos dw i isio mwynhau
Dw i eisiau yr iaith parhau
Fel gwr da yn caru ei wraig
Mae Cymro yn caru Cymraeg!

I will be grateful for the corrections. :улыбка:


Helo everyone. I’ve been sort of dabbling in learning Welsh for a while now to connect to my ancestry from Pembrokeshire (I was born in the USA and currently live in Australia), and I’m excited to try out this new method of learning. I am rather attached to Welsh mythology and want to eventually be able to read the source documents for the Mabinogion in their original tongue, but that will be a long way in coming. Glad to find this new resource!


Eirwen - that is amazing! There is nothing to correct, and the message is perfect. Спасибо!

In fact, even the metre (the rhythm of the poem) is really Welsh - it’s very close to the traditional ‘triban’ which is a folk metre - something that was recited in the fields and mines of south Wales to make the work go faster.

Da iawn ti!


Shw mae, graham?

The excercises that you are being emailed is the ‘1 sentence challenge’ course - 5 10 minute challenges to get you learning a bit of useful Welsh, and getting you used to the method. There’s nothing wrong with doing these, evenif you’ve already started the challenges ‘proper’ (ie Level 1).

@Irina has already pointed you to the challenges that you had seen before (diolch Irina!) and you’ll also see the structured courses there, which will take you all the way to real proficiency in a ridiculously short time.

And don’t worry about being ‘uncomfortable’ with things - It’s all part of doing something new. If you can see discomfort and getting lost as a sign that you are going places with your Welsh, then you will have no problem getting all the way to the end of the courses and getting as far as you like with Welsh in the real world.

Good luck, and enjoy the trip!


Too right, since starting to brush up my German, my understanding of Welsh has improved a hundred fold. I’m even picking up bits and pieces in conversation on radio Cymru and spotting things like this in random English places.


It’s a surprise! I am very, very happy) Thank you so much for your support.
Diolch yn fawr)))


Hi everybody. I’m Mike Venet, 73 years old and have just completed the 1 sentence in Welsh sessions and signed up for the 6 month course. I love the methodology aspects of which are not unfamiliar to me as I have done the Michel Thomas courses in German, Italian , Spanish and Russian. I have always had an interest in Welsh, having learned to read it in primary school thanks to a north Walian Headteacher and then was further exposed to the language during my student days in Swansea. Visits to Wales further fostered my interest in the language.So, I thought it was time to do something about it. Step one was a book called Live Welsh but I knew quickly that I needed an audio course to get going. I did try Duo Lingo Welsh for a week or so but progress was painfully slow. I was not at all interested in developing the ability to write in the language. However, it’s thanks to the Duo Lingo resource list that I found my way here. I am looking forward to joining you all ion the journey to conversational Welsh. Diolch.


Croeso @michael-venet

There are lots who have found Duo Lingo first and afterwards found SSIW - me included.

Welcome to the forum which is a good source of help and all sorts of other things Welsh related.

It sounds like you’ve got a lot of language learning under your belt - congratulations on adding Welsh to your portfolio!

Rich :slight_smile:


Nos da. Thanks for the amazing resource you have put out there. I’m so excited to learn your beautiful language, and I’ve just completed lesson 2 of the one-sentence-per-day method. So far I love it, and I can’t wait for the next one. Also, I’m grateful for this forum, especially since I live in the United States where Welsh speakers are not easy to find. In fact, I doubt I have ever heard it spoken “live.” But I hope to be able to to communicate with the locals in the native language when I visit in April. Diolch!


Hello, I just have a quick question for now (sorry if the answer is already out there; I had a poke about but couldn’t find it). In the first sentence lesson, the vocabulary word for I is spelt dwi, but when they say it, it sounds like there’s an N on the end (dwi’n). Could you please clarify? Diolch!


Yes, dwi is ‘I am’, but that is generally followed by a verb which means it needs an ‘yn’ between dwi and the verb - the ‘yn’ becomes 'n after a vowel, so that’s why you hear dwi’n.

There are some exceptions to this rule, but don’t worry about those just yet.


Good evening all … stuart dwi
Age 55 and originally from Swansea but living in Staffordshire for the past 12 yrs… was taught a smidgen of Welsh at school and must have retained some of it. My four daughters all learned up to the age of 16 but my youngest took it for A level and was ‘almost’ fluent … my ‘welshness’ really kicked in when I moved here and this year I’ve been dabbling with different apps which I didn’t get on with.
I was recommended SSW 4 days ago and have just skipped forward to lesson 5 … I’m hooked… what an incredible way to learn …’Dwi’ n moin Dysgu Siarad Cymraeg!! … I’m signing up for the six months right away! Or should I take the recommended few days off!


Croeso @Bampi_Stuart

…it sounds like you should go for it to me… :wink:



Cheers Rich … yeah definitely. Had my youngest stay over last night and we tried only speaking/asking what everyone wanted for breakfast in Welsh … great fun… currently watching S4C … can hardly understand a word but surprising how much vocab has stuck since childhood!