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Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?


Helo! I was referred here by people on the Duolingo forums as a place to seek a Welsh speaking community to practice with. I recently found out through genealogical research that my ancestry is Welsh and decided learning Cymraeg would be a fun way to try and reconnect with the culture. So far I am nearly to level two of DL and just finished day 1 of SSiW and am very excited to meet you all!


Croeso @david-haynes

I too found SSIW after having found Duo Lingo first.

Congratulations on taking a giant step to be a Welsh speaker!

Rich :slight_smile:


Noswaith da,

I think things are going ok since I started 7 weeks ago. I have made a couple of mistakes like posting all the sentences instead of 1 sentence but I am still getting used to the SSI site!
I look forward to progressing and becoming a fluent Welsh speaker!

Diolch yn fawr


Well @dai-alun-hughes, a belated croeso then!

From the recording on your other post it sounds like you are doing extremely well indeed - so keep up the good work!

Rich :slight_smile:


No one ever learnt a language by taking two days off :slight_smile: go for it. Welcome to Cymraeg addiction!


Very true indeed Gareth and to date I have not taken a day off :muscle::wink:


Greatly appreciated Rich, I just feel I am being left behind with the forum and twitter etc! How many of us are doing this? I started Week 1 on the 25th November.

Diolch yn fawr iawn


If it’s any consolation, I’d got to about challenge 10 before I really participated but I still haven’t got into regular conversation with other learners or the more fluent. That could change this week. I’m on week 25 now. But I wouldn’t beat yourself up over it. You need to enjoy it to learn it. The way I look at things is that if it takes another day, week or even another month, it’s better to do what works for your own situation and keep moving than get stressed out and drop out of the course.
Pob lwc i ti!


Those are great and very comforting words thank you Gareth, I certainly am enjoying myself and just don’t want to fall behind. I’m not stressing about it, I’m just determined to make it work and find what works for me! Could you perhaps tell me where I can find the 5 minute listening link as I have gone through all previous 6 challenges and can’t find it? Diolch for the superb support!


Are you listening on the mobile app or a Computer? Each week I get an email prompting me to move on to the next challenge. On week 5 this link was i the email. Is this what you mean?


Noswaith da Gareth, I trawled through all my emails and found the 5 minute listening task and also caught up with what’s happening and the fact that I need to listen to the week 6 challenge in this week 7 which all seemed a bit mixed up but nevertheless still finding it relatively easy still. I need to slow down and read the emails each week properly! Diolch


loving it and the challenge. Have gone back to basics by these sentences to increase confidence but the listening helps enormously.
Have also started the challenges


Some questions on the sample:

  1. Why is this ‘isio’ and not ‘eisiau?’
  2. And why is it pronounced EE-SHAW and not A-SHAI?



Hi @chris-feldman
It’s just regional variation. I don’t know the sample, but it is probably Northern. The main challenges give you a choice of North or South.
From the vocabulary lists

dw i’n moyn - I want
ma eisiau i fi - I need

dw i isio - I want
dw i angen - I need

I believe that “dw i eisiau” is used in evening classes with a Southern flavour. All part of the rich tapestry.


hello, I am only on day 4/5 and already I can memerise certain words and know what they mean, I am learning welsh as I moved to Dolgellau 4 years ago and would like to eventually hold a conversation in welsh I have also passed this website onto a good friend and that lives in Manchester and challenged him to speak a sentence to me in welsh before we go on holiday.


Great, Keith. I don’t know about eventually, but within a few days you should be able to say something in real life, like: I’m learning Welsh or Ive been learning Welsh for about a month. The shopkeeper’s or whatever will be impressed with you. :grin:


so far…all good…
i found writing it down,for me helps.
just to revisit it…if i like…


So well explained, and helpful, @Irina, helpful to people like me who cannot keep track of the dizzying array of developments as they arrive and constantly change the shape of SSi… So much has happened in the 22 months since I started, so many new initiatives, strength built upon strength…

(I’m glad that there is a map of where learners are based, and a newsletter with updates, and that it brings news of events of all sorts - but the most fundamental asset is that human touch you describe on those courses 6min or 6month and also here on this forum, where completely new learners arrive often, and find themselves supported by huge body of people who keep on learning and keep some connection whenever they can…)

I understand the meaning of “dal ati” in new ways, constantly…


Just finished day 5 and looking forward to the rest!
Absolutely loving it!
Thanks SSiW.


Hi folks. I’ve just done day 3 and I’m OK so far, but I’m writing things down as otherwise I just can’t remember anything. And I don’t mean the Welsh - I realise that will come over time - but the English!. When there’s a long English sentence to translate, I say the first 2 or 3 words as best as I can in Welsh, but then I’ve forgotten the remainder of the English. Hope that’s OK and not ruining the method.