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Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?


Hello. It’s actually my second time. The new format is much better for me. I loved it.
I’ve signed up for account. Do you contact me or do I need to do anything else? Thanks for your patience!


Which option have you signed up to @john-53?

( Congrats by the way.)



Hello, Rich,
It’s very complicated but here goes. I had to change my email to I signed up for a Silver Course. I had major trouble with them and so I switched back to Using that I signed up for the full course, £100. I downloaded the app and the new course was on it. Somehow I clicked on the Old Course, not the new course. I can’t switch it back. Is it possible to switch my account to the new course?
Thank you for your patience
Best wishes,


Can I check, do you mean in the App, you are looking at a heading that says ‘Old Course’?

Like image below?

Or…do you mean Silver = old and Full = new?

Rich :slight_smile:


I think I signed up for both, by mistake!! I’m not very computer literate.
It’s similar to your photo but it doesn’t say “Old course!” Not sure how to add a photo on here.
At first it did give me two options, old or new course. I clicked old by mistake but there’s no option now. Thanks for your patience.


Hi @john-53

Ok no problem - the best thing to do is just to pop a quick email to just saying what the situation is / what you’d like the outcome to be - and they will sort it out with you, I’m sure, on Monday.

Rich :slight_smile:


I think I’ve sorted it now, Rich. Deleted old app and installed new one. Thanks for your time.
Best wishes


So far so good: achos dw i’n cari dysgu siarad Cymraeg!


I have been learning Welsh for 4 weeks now through the University of Swansea and am enjoying it but wanted to add more to my Welsh, hence adding SSiW to my Welsh learning experience. I like the emphasis on building sentences which I think will fit well with the more traditional approach.

Language have always interested me (I am learning Spanish, too, but am likely to drop that in favour of Welsh, and have studied German to Upper Intermediate level while I was working for Deutsche Bank) and I have some Welsh connections in the family - an aunt and uncle live in Port Talbot and there are Welsh connections in the family tree, though back a couple of generations.

I hope to learn the basics and explore Wales so I can talk to the locals and see the country. It will be great to get to know some of you.

Hwyl fawr!


Strangely, though I am a real beginner with a vocabulary of about 30 words, I can help you here! ‘Dog’ in Welsh is ‘ci’. ‘Cig’ is a proper Welsh word, which means ‘meat’. Have fun, Lynne, and get some sleep!


Hello all, I was born in Swansea but my parents are Geordies and we came back up here when I was a toddler. My Mam especially always said she wanted me to learn Welsh so it’s an idea I’ve grown up with so I’m finally taking the plunge. I’m finding the word building and repetition a good way to learn especially not being in Wales to get the speaking practice.


Found a fun YouTube video, Clogging with Beth (Clocsio gyda Beth) where Beth explains the basics of Welsh clog dancing in both English and Welsh >> Enjoy!



dwee eshaw dusky sharrad! (that’s how it looks in my head, anyways.)

I love learning new things.

I looooooooove it that I get to do this by listening rather than reading and writing.

I play traditional music on several instruments, and my favorite way to learn a tune is by ear. I listen and sing to it until I’ve got a pretty good handle on it, and then I stumble through it on a couple different instruments, and then I pick the instrument that I like it the best on (viola? 5 string violin? recorder?) and get solid on it.

If it’s a really hard tune, it can help to get a sheet of dots up on my screen and work from that too, but that’s really for filling in the last handful of notes that I can’t get under my fingers any other way.

And: I have found, over the past 30 years of playing traditional music, that several short practice sessions in a day moves me forward faster, than one long practice.

So I really fell for this when I stumbled across a post by someone saying they were trying to make 200 mistakes a day!!! I about died reading that, it was so cool. I mean, I do know that you have to make a lot of mistakes before you get good at something, and there’s a cognitive scientist somewhere out there who pointed out in a book that “Mistakes are how we explore the problem space” – but the idea that learning a language goes faster if I make more mistakes –

I’m really excited.


I am loving it. Absolutely loving it. I’m finding it a pleasant kind of challenge – the kind of thing I enjoy the most. Not too hard, but hard enough not to be boring – which is always important for my skittish mind.

Just now I was alternating between the 3rd day, and learning a hard tune on the tenor recorder, one that’s in a challenging key. I’ve done a lot of switching instruments while learning a tune, which does great things for speeding up learning and making what I’ve learned more secure, but it’s even more fun switching between learning Welsh and learning the tenor recorder.

It’s especially great because my right hand gets tired really fast – the tenor is a much longer stretch than the soprano, which I’ve been playing for 30 years, and learning Welsh means I’m doing nothing at all with my hands except hitting pause a lot.

off to do the next day.


“Now, if you’re ready to make LOTS OF MISTAKES, here’s today’s practice session:”

help… this is the hardest thing for me… not sure I am ready, but back thirty years ago when I shifted gears from the horrible perfectionism of classical music, and took up learning traditional music BY EAR, I had to get my poor little head around making A MILLION MISTAKES IN ROW… it’s still hard, especially when I’m in a room all by myself and I can hear myself fumbling…

we’ll see if I make it … AUGUGUGUGUGUGUDUUDGUGU…


Noswaith dda,

I’m from Shrewsbury and always wanted to learn Welsh, since I was a lad but never got around to it. So, I have set myself the task of learning something new in these anti-social times… so here goes.

I love your sentence in a day technique and feel that it’s going to suit me… we’ll see.

Thanks a lot


Hi ! Im on day 3 and finding it really enjoyable ! Been living near crymych for a year now farming on the preselis. Ive managed to pick up the gist of conversations in the year ive been here as im in the brilliant situation if being surrounded by welsh speakers and hearing it everyday but apart from sheepdog commands (escalates something like; ‘mas … mas cî… CER MAS CÎ’!! ) and ordering a pint i dont have enough welsh or enough confidence to spark up a conversation so after finishing Arans book (diolch bois) i googled it. So here we are, day 3 and had a bit of a light bulb moment when i picked up ‘siarad’ in a conversation yesterday… small steps but good times! Thanks for the pointer to the forum as well its brilliant there are so many people enjoying the language, culture and country!


Noswaith dda,
I am Martin and I am living in the northwestern part of Germany. I have been in a few regions in Wales in 2018 and was very impressed by nature, landscape and people. After getting some closer information about the culture I decided me to learn Welsh in 2020 and use it under my planned visit. But meanwhile Covid 19 changed a lot of plans … So I havn´t got the chance to visit Wales this year. But I got some good books, began to start with Duolingo Welsh and now with this adventurous journey ssiw. I am very excited about it and I want to continue. And I have the hope I will get the chance to talk with people in welsh in a few weeks. I am retired since a few weeks therefore I have much more time for my interests than in the past. I am special interested in making folkmusic (usually I am arranging folkdancing in a castle of our region), painting watercolour (mostly landscapes) and in fly fishing. I also hope to get get in the future the chance of a cycle-trip across Wales. Meanwhile I am doing it virtually by reading the book “Lost Lanes Wales”. I would love it. Meanwhile it is fantastic to get via Internet in touch with this beautiful language. I look forward to learn more and get in touch with the community here.


Welcome/wilcomen/croeso, Martin
Really interesting piece.
wishing you every success as we learn together.


Thanks John. I appreciate your response. Now I have seen my writing would in parts have fitted better to my profile … I have to explore the forum further until I know how.