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Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?


Thanks. I’ll have to give it some thought, I am only able to give small amounts of time at unpredictable times and want to work at my own pace at the moment. Definitely not ready for group sessions/tutor work yet.


Bore da. Dw i’n likio how this course is presented and I’m really enjoying it even though I’m only a few sessions in. I just wanted to ask, when the guy says dysgu the last vowel sounds quite far back in the throat, but I can’t really hear it when the woman says it. Just wondering if it’s a personal or regional thing, or maybe my headphones :grin: diolch yn fawr


Yes, the u sound is technically further back in the throat, but it is also a personal/regional thing - you’ll hear some pronounce it that way but by no means everyone :slight_smile:


I’m used to a more formal way of learning languages, so I really miss not having the grammar explained, just being told not to worry about apparent anomalies. But I’m sticking at it!


Thank you


Hi, Dan. Your story is similar to mine in terms of no Welsh heritage, just an interest in Welsh and Wales. I started in April. Good luck with your learning!


Hi Rich
I am now subscribed and am on lesson 2. The lesson stopped after 8 minutes and whether I press pause or play there is no response. My wifi is fine.
Regarding the previous cloud conversation, old course lesson 3 queued, nothing I did made any difference, following the advice given, which was why I subscribed, thinking it would grant access. It still doesn’t download, and no other lessons are ticked.
Dw i dal isio yrmarfer, dysgu a siarad Cymraeg, ond fedra i ddim, achos fy dosbarth i isn’t yn chwerthin gyda fi! O na! Beth rwan, plis?


When you’re subscribed you should be able to access (and download) all the material through a web browser. Click on ‘Learn’ in the top bar and then on ‘Challenges’ - you’ll be able to access all the challenges of all the levels and the old course material from there. If the problems you’re having are through the app, then at least going the browser route will let you in to the material while any app glitches are being sorted out.


Hi @yr1arall

Ok so that’s odd. So firstly whilst we are figuring this out - as per Siaron’s excellent advice you should be able to use the material via the website - so your learning isn’t impacted.

I guess I would double check with you that this material is working for you first - this would indicate that your subscription is all up and running OK?

Secondly that you are logging onto the App with the same log in details?

I would try logging out of the App and back in, to force it to pick up your latest subscription status - if you haven’t already…

And if it still isn’t playing ball - something is in a knot - I would delete the App and reinstall…

One of these things should sort it - there are a LOT of app users out there!

Let me know what happens.

Rich :slightly_smiling_face:


@yr1arall while you’re following the excellent suggestions above, I can confirm that your subscription looks absolutely fine so you shouldn’t have any issues with access


Hiya. Thanks for the advice, also from Rich. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled and now have access to downloaded lesson on app. :slight_smile:


Yay! :+1:


Thanks Jane, you too. I’m assuming you’ve learned quite a bit from this program. You are a bit ahead of me. Any useful tips? Diolch


@dan-abresch A few thoughts: For me, this method of learning is new, and I have committed to doing it. I don’t second-guess it. I just have a schedule of review, when I will decide if I choose to continue or not. My initial commitment to myself was three months, then three more, etc.
I find I feel most positive about my Welsh learning when I get through at least half a challenge per day. Usually I try to get through a whole challenge. This means I can repeat the current challenge a couple times in a week, as well as review previous challenges as desired. Sometimes I even work ahead.
It took me months of experimenting to find a time and place to do the challenges that worked for me.
I was speaking practice sentences to my sister last week. She is not a Welsh speaker nor Welsh learner, but was willing to listen. After a few sentences, she suggested a shift in mindset—from Welsh-learner to Welsh-speaker. When I followed her suggestion, she said she could tell the difference—it sounded much more beautiful.
I am at the point of needing to trade practice sentences. Any interest in doing that yet? It could be a really short session. Apparently it’s not like a conversation—our sentences don’t need to relate to each other’s.


How lovely is that?? :heart_eyes:


Hi Jane,
Thanks for the advice. I will certainly give it a go. Yes, I would be interested in doing that. However, I have only finished the initial sentence and challenge one, so I am a bit limited in speaking, but nonetheless I am interested. How do we start?


I have sent you a direct message (I think!)


hi all - just joined today - I’ve wanted to learn Welsh since a teenager - I did a year’s night-class when I was 14- long time ago! I’m here in the Valleys and you get no chance to hear Welsh spoken around here unless online or on tv. My grandafther and all his siblings spke Welsh but it stopped with them and wasn’t passed on to the next generation - such a shame. I only know greetings and the time at the moment so hope to pick up some useful welsh! I’m a bit baffled by the first sentence - I knew all the words apart from “want” and that has me stumped- I can’t find it to be able to spell it - I want to learn how to write it too as I have someone I can practice with by e-mail when I know a bit more! I know this course is mainly for speaking but I can’t stay too long on devices and for me it’s easier once I know how to say it to revise by reading and writing the sentence out - but the word for “want” has me baffled- how do I spell that please?


It’s “moyn” - not commonly used in written Welsh but very common in the everyday speech of the south.


ah thanks Deborah!