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Croeso! Welcome to 1 sentence in Welsh - how is it going for you?


Hello, I just watched Hinterland on Netflix and was very disappointed when I realised it had been made in Welsh, but I could only watch the English version. I live in Poland, so I never watched the series when it was on originally. So I went on YouTube and learned more about how they’d made the series, and then I started thinking about how sad it was that I’d never learnt anything about Wales from my time in school, much less the language, and I thought that I should start doing something about it. So here I am! As someone who’s very much a visual learner, it’s an interesting methodology. So far, I haven’t had any problems remembering the Welsh words - the biggest problem has been remembering what I was supposed to say to start off with! Perhaps because I’ve learnt other foreign languages to a high level and don’t tend to translate in my head what I want to say? Well, I suppose that’s a discussion for another place. Anyway, thanks for giving me the opportunity to try this out and show me a new way :slight_smile:


Haia @karen-sayce a chroeso! If you go to S4C/Clic then choose the Byd-Eang (Worldwide) category, look for the series Craith. It’s along the lines of Hinterland, but in Welsh and it’s fantastic! Scandi Noir set in Wales that will have you on the edge of your seat.


Sounds great! Thanks very much for the tip. Perfect for the long winter nights ahead :slight_smile:


Greetings from Bangor California… yes california = ) Family of 8 over here learning welsh via Duolingo for the past few months… Today I saw someone mention something about SSIW on duolingo and decided to check it out. Very nice to hear real people say the words and not just a robot!! Looking foward to hearing tomorrow’s lesson


Croeso @chelsea-5 plus seven!! It’s amazing how many Bangors there are in the world!


Hello, I am a bit of an odd one because I grew up on Anglesey and have up to A Level Welsh (Second Language) but I was the only Welsh speaker in my family and moved away to Uni in Southern England about 20 years ago. I met a non-Welsh speaking Welsh chap (NE Wales) and we now live in Wiltshire and have a young daughter. I’m relearning Welsh because although I have lots of vocab my grammar is awful and my confidence has gone. I’m most interested in simple commands for my daughter as she is definitely a ti/chdi not a chi and I am not sure how to formulate commands…

Sorry, probably a lot of waffle but looking forward to getting my Welsh mojo back.


prynhwan da , Andrew dw I , dw in mwynhau dysgu Cymraeg .


Jeremy from Hay on Wye and just starting out. I have always loved the sound of Welsh. The wallowing in those diphthongs and double consonants always leaves me full of envy. I have been learning Spanish since retiring from GP 13 odd years ago and continue here and my teacher who comes from Mexico lives just up the road. But Spaniards can talk far too fast and the music just vanishes. Here in border-land there are choirs and I sing with some. Welsh songs crop up and I would love the mystery of Welsh pronunciation, now shrouded in a thick mist, to clear and reveal itself.


Nos da! I’m from Portland, Oregon, USA, but my grandmother’s family was from near Aberystwyth. I’ve wanted to learn Welsh for a long time. I’ve got a bit of Spanish, German, and Hindi, but Welsh is quite a different language. I’m not very good at learning languages, but I don’t let that stop me.


Hi all. I am so excited to be starting this one sentence in Welsh. I have tried to learn Welsh many times since moving to North Wales over 30 years ago but have never had the confidence or courage to actually speak it. My children are completely bilingual and had all their education through the medium of Welsh but although I understand Welsh I just couldn’t bring myself to speak it. I love the fact that here you have to speak it that is the whole point. I used to sing Welsh nursery songs to my children when they were little that I learned from a tape of Welsh nursery rhymes and songs but just couldn’t summon up the courage to speak it outside of the close family. I have high hopes of this being the breakthrough that I have needed for so long and thank you for the opportunity.


I have lived in Wales all my life but have only just decided ‘Ma eisiau I fi ddysgu siarad cymraeg’!


My name is Peg Thomas living in Minnesota, USA. My dad arrived from Wales as a babe in arms with his sister Ceridwen, and parents Ada Beyon and William Thomas. I have some genealogy for relatives in Wales and have decided to take a bus tour in September with WildWalesTours. I started the one sentence work and like it. I was really interested in the SSIW analysis of memorizing challenges. I am a cellist and have always had a problem memorizing music. Thinking that this might be some dyslexia (which is in my family) or short-term memory weakness or need for repetition—all which can be overcome. Wow, that was just amazing. The link to the site to analyze memory isn’t available, but I am going to use these tips!


Best of luck Peg! I am now 2 weeks into the course and already speaking Welsh in a way I could only dream of before. All you need is the desire to communicate the rest will be given to you. Listen speak repeat.


Hello. Thanks for nice welcoming. I’m a Norwegian, interested in languages, but merely as an amateur. I’ve unfortunately never been to Wales. Or in GB, actually. I’d love to visit your fascinating country, and I’m sure I will one day, when corona restrictions are gone and things have normalized. Then it would be great if I could communicate in Welsh, of course, but I do consider that an ambitious goal. I’ll admit Welsh appears to me not the easiest language to learn. But it’s a beautiful language, with a rather interesting background and cultural position. Hence it will be interesting for me to have a closer look at it anyway. Time will show how far I can make it. :slight_smile:


Shwmae! Sam dw i. Dw i’n byw yn Central California but have just been accepted to Aberystwyth University for a postgraduate degree in Welsh and Celtic Studies. I’ve been studying Irish on Duolingo for over a year and more recently started learning Scottish Gaelic and Welsh, but now I’m really trying to fast-track my Welsh in preparation for school. If I can get to even a very basic conversational level, I’ll be totally thrilled.


Thank you, Diolch - for the warm welcome. I’ve just moved from Kent to Oswestry (Croesoswallt), ‘the biggest Welsh town in England’ allegedly. Anyway both my parents and grandparents lived in Wales for over 75 years collectively and I spent a lot of my childhood here,and the language had always fascinated me, so now that I’m on the doorstep I’m going to make a concerted effort to learn it!. Any opportunities to meet and practice over a paned would be most welcome. Karen


A hello to everyone from Seattle, WA here in the US! I once started to learn Welsh to impress a girl aaaaages ago, and (spoiler alert), it didn’t work. But I remembered loving the little I learned so now I’m simply here to learn it for my own enjoyment! I very much look forward to it :blush:


Hi there, my name is Mike and I’m just starting out with my journey of learning the Welsh language.


S’mae, Morgan dwi. I’m from Cheshire in England, but my connection to Wales is that my grandmother lived there and we used to go and visit her every weekend. I’d been meaning to learn Welsh for years but didn’t get around to it until last year, when I started learning it on Duolingo relatively casually (I say relatively because I hit my 365 day streak yesterday!) But that app is rather limited in its ability to teach Welsh, so I found my reading and writing was okay (as long as they matched the exact frameworks I was taught) but my speaking and listening is pretty abysmal!

My only other ways of learning had been via the book Teach Yourself Complete Welsh and by reading welsh language books and watching S4C Dysgwyr programmes, but those are relatively recent additions. I’m really looking forward to training my brain to be able to actually think in Welsh so that I can finally speak it confidently, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about SSiW :blush:



Jennifer dw i. My family background is S Wales, but my son and grandchildren live in N Wales, so I have decided to revise the teeny tiny bit of Welsh from my childhood.
Finding it interesting, but hard! Do people really manage to learn enough to converse or read Facebook posts in Welsh? I am a fluent speaker of 3 other languages, 4 if you include English, but this is a whole new ballgame to try and get my tongue, ears and brain around Welsh!