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Daily Challenge


I’ve also joined Cymuned Llên Natur on Facebook too. If you haven’t it’s well worth it.


Day 19

Excellent day today efo’r Gymraeg!

Started this morning listening to Siaron and Beca. Excellent chat to listen to and felt I understood everything except “Carfan ieuenctid Cymru”.

We’re now in Llanffestiniog so we drove up the A470, which I love when you get past Merthyr (nothing against Merthyr just the traffic). On the drive we started in Welsh in Cardiff, switched slightly to English near Builth for, and I counted 12 minutes, then back to Welsh. So that was 3 hours and 11 minutes of Welsh…approximately :joy:

Got to the Tafarn Pengwern in Llan (nice pub this and a lot cheaper than Cardiff!!) was sent to the bar by my father-in-law, ordered in Welsh, barman replied in English, then Welsh, then English. I stayed in Welsh.

I love the road when you have the time to enjoy it. I love being up here in the Gogs again!!


Day 20 (already?!)

Lot a lot a lot o Gymraeg! Pretty much only spoken Welsh to Emma’s mum today and 75:25 Welsh:English with Emma.

We climbed Snowdon today and opted for the llwybr Llanberis because we were coming down with a 3 year old so it made sense to go up next to the train to meet him and his Mum. On the way up we all agreed to go at the pace we felt comfortable and not worry too much about waiting for everybody. So I ended up walking with Emma’s mum for most of it which meant we just spoke in Welsh. I then walked down with Emma and we did the same.

Plus there’s been spatterings of Welsh all over the place today, dyna’r Gogledd i chi.

So 3 week mark tomorrow!


Day 21

Lots of Welsh today, conversations in all sorts of places: with the family, at Bounce Below, in the pub in Bala, with Emma in the car.

Excellent weekend in the Gogs! I’m absolutely exhausted now and I think Emma and I have lost the ability to form words at all…


Day 22

This morning I listened to Beca and Geraint Lovgreen, then Dafydd Whiteside Thomas (which I listened to and read in each of the breaks at work today :shushing_face:)

Then came home and Emma and I chatted about our days and plans for the garden and meithrin. The stuff about the day had a few “anecdotes” in English because that was the natural language to relay them in, but the convo went back to Welsh straight after.


Day 23

So today I listened to @aran and @beca-brown and still can’t quite believe what you saw In Sri Lanka!! But I won’t say more because I won’t give away spoilers!
I definitely felt that I understood and followed the entire conversation the first time round. I read the transcripts with other listens but that was mostly to see if I could pick up a few new words. So I’m very pleased with that!
Speaking wise; i joined my first hangout with Nia, Rich and Alistair. It was brilliant!! I really enjoyed it! Emma was out on call, but once she was back we’ve had another chat about her day in Welsh.

Really enjoying this challenge!!


I know!!! It was a shocker wasn’t it! We’ll say no more…! Glad you enjoyed!


Eh? Wot? Can’t remember seeing anything unusual in Sri Lanka. Now I’m dying for you to tell me what it was, even if it IS a spoiler… :wink::joy::joy:


I genuinely had to go back and check I’d got the right country :joy::joy: fortunately I can give away the spoiler because no-one will believe me if I said you’d seen Geraint surfing on a turtle…oops…


Day 24 (really?! Yn barod?!)

Lot o Gymraeg heno! @gruntius you’ll be happy to hear Emma and I have spent more time in Welsh together than English. Feels weird writing this in English.

Today I listened to Beca’s sgwrs efo Rhys Mwyn and Helen Wynn. Which were both brilliant :grinning:

Final 4 days coming up!

Oh I forgot to say! I bumped into one of the Cofis from the gym. We started a conversation in a group so was naturally in English, without really realising it ended up as a chat in Welsh as soon as the conversations broke off.


Day 25

Had a really good start to the day today; watched the first episode of Un Bore Mercher cyfres 2, then listened to Beca and Gill, and then, highlight of the morning a wonderful catch up with @BronwenLewis
Listened and read Beca and Gill again.
Then got home and had a lovely hour in Welsh with Emma before walking to our friends (not Welsh speakers).

Another lovely day of Welsh




Well… guess what, since having Rhys Mwyn as a guest on Beca a’i Phobl, I am to be a guest on his show on Monday night!!! :weary:


Excellent!! I’ll make sure I tune in! What time is it on?


Day 26

Firstly, just so everyone knows, Rhys Mwyn is on at 7 on Monday night :grin:

Today has been a small victory. Emma and I have spent all evening chatting in Welsh even though we’re both shattered. Whilst having dinner the thoughts crossed my head “I’m too tired to think in Welsh” but Welsh still came out of my mouth :laughing:
There have been a few switches back to English when the story or the topic is more natural in English but as this isn’t bootcamp I’m not going to sweat too much about that.

Off to Aberhonddu tomorrow for a few days in an old farmhouse with the family. So there will be lots of Welsh. Lots of English too.


Could you make 28 become 56? There’s only two days to go till 28 and it’s been a great read / journey so far.


If I made it 56 i might as well go to 60…


If you go to 60 why not go for a nice round 100? :wink:


etc, etc :slightly_smiling_face::upside_down_face:


Day 27

Emma and I chatted in Welsh all day from about 7.30 when we woke up until about 2 when we met up with my Dad and her Dad (who don’t speak Welsh).

Then we went for a walk with the rest of the family, so I talked a lot with her, her mum and her sister in Welsh. As you know, mixed language groups tend to default to the lingua franca so we spent a lot of time in English too.

Then during the quiet time, I read a chapter of Llanw with the dictionary. I’ve realised I can largely read and get the gist of this book, but Manon Steffan Ros’ writing is brilliant and I want to really appreciate the phrases she’s using and the levels of the language. So I dont mind breaking up the flow with the dictionary.