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Dathlu Dysgu Cymraeg week on BBC Radio Cymru 10/10/2020 📻


I might be on the arc y marc show on saturday depending on my friends filling my head with enough welsh to speak :slight_smile:


Listen to @nia.llywelyn at 1:05:05! :grin:


If the standard of chat and music was always this high, I’d have my radio tuned to Radio Cymru! But I must apologise to Kai; I thought he spoke quickly until I heard Geraint Lloyd…


I think it’s brilliant that this week is happening - what a great encouragement to Welsh learners everywhere. I can only follow a limited amount but enjoying it nonetheless. Hats off to all of you brave learners who took part!


Ah, well, @ruth-22 and @BronwenLewis, you surely can understand my part. I speak as simple Welsh as the 1st grade learners and I rather laugh (obviously) than talk so no fears one wouldn’t understand my Welsh talking unless I turn the sentences totally upside down and at that point even @brigitte, who chats to me every week has to ponder her thoughts a bit of what I really wanted to say. :slight_smile:

Apart from this: thank you once again all of you for your brilliant feedback and if anyone missed the Sunday’s @beca-brown half hour show, here’s the link (again):

As you know already, a bunch of SSiWers in there and some flashback by hearing that famous “Siarad, siarad. Siarad Cymraeg” :slight_smile:



Just had a little cry ( good cry) this afternoon listening to everyone on Radio Cymru and especially during Dyma Cariad. I am sooooo proud to be part of SSIW. Its fantastic to see the passion of @aran , @Iestyn and the whole SSIW team shining through. All your hard work is really paying off. Looking forward to hearing @aran on Sunday on Beti a’i Phobl. That’s like being on Desert Island Discs.


Loved hearing you rap on the show @tatjana! :slight_smile:


That was truly amazing wasn’t it! I felt ‘totes emosh’ too, I must say…


It worked really well didn’t it!


I heard Kai and Geraint this morning and the gang this afternoon - must say the contributions from our learners have been outstanding. A very very well done to everyone who’s taken part thus far :heart_eyes:


1:04 minutes in, @carin-harris @nataliesanders @nigelh @janine @MarcusWhitfield @Gareth @ceri-francis


The highlight of my listening day! And among the galaxy of stars, special thanks to Ceri for choosing her arrangement of ‘Dyma gariad’. If you haven’t heard the SSiW Lockdown Choir singing this old Welsh hymn - where have you been??


@BronwenLewis she didn’t have much choice :joy:


Hahaha. It’s true! I never get to choose :rofl:


:slight_smile: SSiW learners occupied BBC Radio Cymru this week! This is what never happened before! and is truely amazing! Gwaith gwych! Congrats to all!

Thank you both. Well, technicians made excellent work too choosing just the right part of the song. Well, I thought that refrain would be played somewhere aswell, but taking the beginning of the rap was just perfect.

Thank you all who took part in the making of this masterpiece of mine aswell. Without this community it wouldn’t exist and I wouldn’t be one of the invaders of the BBC Radio Cymru as well. :slight_smile:


@Isata yn siarad ar Radio Cymru, 1:35 minutes into the programme :star:
Gwych iawn!


Congratulations, Isata! And as Welsh starts to take over as the world’s international language, we’ll need people like Isata and Kai to ensure that we remain inclusive and encourage new speakers across the world to feel comfortable in the Welsh-speaking community.


Oooh, i just got chance to listen to the programmes from earlier this week, congratulations to everyone who took part! You were all brilliant. I was also excited to understand so much on radio Cymru!!


Don’t know if there is one already (can’t see it on their normal schedule) but it would be good if there was a news bulletin suitable for learners every day.


Continuing the discussion from Dathlu Dysgu Cymraeg week on BBC Radio Cymru 10/10/2020 :radio::

I got few questions and some time to prepare the answers. What turned out is this little video:

Way above my level at the moment so I count this as a speaking practice.