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Dee gets the Penderyn!: the Great SSiW Giveaway Leaderboard


Oh my word lol
Yes I do Bronwen…The dunces corner haha :wink:
Wow that was a surprise!!


Wwww, great work Maria - and SEVEN first timers - can’t wait to see who gets those Manics tickets!


Less of the ‘frog-marching’, please…


Please promise me you’re not pointing actual guns at anyone!.. :wink:


Ooh, I’m quite faint now. I’m going to be a nervous wreck by the party… :clinking_glasses: :partying_face: :sleeping_bed:


Phew! [Fades gratefully back into the shadows.]


Believes her for all of a nano-second… :wink: :star2:


Wowza!!! I’m sure Bronwen will overtake me shortly though :slight_smile:


I’m officially exhausted now - but pretty darned exciting to see that we’re almost certainly going to be giving some free Bootcamp places away… :slight_smile: :star: :star2:

And now I need to clear my head and figure out the draw for the Manics and the ice-cream… :slight_smile:


Right - I typed out everyone’s names in one list - there were 34 entrants - and then I used a random number generator to tell me how far to count down that list, and it gave us…

The winner of the Manics tickets…


Helen Sharma! Huge llongyfarchiadau, Helen - @helen-sharma-1! If you can PM me your address I’ll get the tickets in the post to you on Monday :star: :star2:

And the winner of a 500ml tub of ice-cream from the superbly named Aran Hufen Iâ in Bala…


Lloyd Mahoney! What a superb scoop for you there, Lloyd! :wink: Well played @lloyd-mahoney - if you PM me contact details, I’ll ask the ice-cream people what the best way is to get a tub to you… :slight_smile:


If my maths are correct that’s another 145 subscribers … so far.

That’s amazing!


It’s going to be our biggest month by a fair bit, and if we can push on from here (we’re planning a big advertising drive in the last week or so of the month), then the headaches we’ve been having with VAT should be a thing of the past… :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:


Gwenno eto, bendigeddig!! Dw’in hapus iawn :slight_smile:


It was a busy old Sunday, but most of the new learners coming in through Facebook, rather than tagging competitors - do make sure you ask people to put your full name, so that we can be sure that all the deserved prizes get to you… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Diolch @aran. Sorry I’ve noticed this post only now.

Pob lwc pawb with prizes and signing new people up.


@aran - gweld @ani - ti’n cywir? If you look at Ani - this might be the one.


If this is this Ani, her entrance is here:

So her name is on the list.


A quieter day - actually a huge help, because I’ve been running around the place with business meetings AND we have a trip to Radio Cymru this afternoon to plug the party… :slight_smile:


And up to 60 people on the leaderboard now - superb effort, everyone :star: :star2:


That’s a hugely impressive jump, Lisa! :star: :star2: