Do we have any Welsh speakers in (or near!) Belgium?


Shwmae, i’m hosting a radio program on language and culture for a local radio station in Antwerp, Flanders/Belgium, i’d like to do an episode on Welsh, could you help us get in touch with Welsh speakers in Belgium, or someone in Wales that we could talk to by phone? With regards, Kevin Radio Centraal, Antwerp

You can contact Kevin on :slight_smile:

We usually talk about the language, culture, history, current situation, movements, and play some music too. I have plenty of Welsh music already (various styles old and new), but of course any recommendations would be great. Flemish audience is generally aware that there is such a thing as Wales and Welsh, but do not know much about it. Diolch yn fawr! Kevin

@dee - ebost? :star2:


I have e-mailed Kevin with the contact details of WHEB (Wales Higher Education Brussels). (I used to work with its various predecessors before I retired,)


Gwych, diolch o galon :heart:


Isn’t there a church minister in Ieper/Ypres who sometimes gets interviewed on Radio Cymru? I’m not sure how you’d go about finding him, though.