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Dorking Dysgu Cymraeg?


Does anyone live in the Dorking area (Surrey) and learning to speak Welsh ?


Hi Paula

I live in Oxshott and am just starting Level 2.




Hi Mike
That is fantastic . I am revisiting level 1 and have completed level 2 (ish) . I am just 9 miles away so if you want to link up to siarad let me know .
Kind wishes


Hi Paula, I live in Basingstoke and would be able to get over to Dorking if this gets enough response to be a goer. Just in case you are unaware, there was a post in the forum from harry-dowling in Dorking ( (Surrey Study Group which was intended to discuss Welsh language books) and also a post from sarah-mari (Welsh learners/speakers in Surrey/West Sussex?) who tried to get a group going in Guildford but although there was lots of interest, on the day only I turned up and I was delayed by difficulties with Public Transport. Maybe with those and the other Guildford related posts on the Forum we cna drum up enough interest to make it happen


Hi Gareth
Thanks so much for your reply and that would be amazing to get a group going . I am in work at the moment but will explore the other people ( unless you are already doing that ? ) . Wouldn’t it be great to get a group going ?
Diolch yn fawr iawn


Hello there!
I’m in Walton-on-Thames, I’m on level 2 but not had any practice speaking really. Has anything come of your enquiries Paula. I’d be love to join a group of Welsh learners.
Kind regards Katy


Hi Katy
There are about 5 of us in the Surrey area and it would be wonderful if we could meet up . I’m not sure how to connect us all through the forum but keep in touch and maybe I will find a way .
Would be great
Kind wishes


@paula-15 if you create a Private Message by clicking on your icon up at the top right then selecting the little envelope symbol, you’ll be able to add everyone into that message and send it to all at the same time.

When you get a meeting set up, tag me and I’ll include the details in the next newsletter. You may find a few more people that way.


Annwyl Deborah,

For the past few months two of us have been meeting weekly in my garden room on Thursday mornings. Anyone within easy travelling distance of Great Bookham, that’s Surrey in general and certainly includes Dorking, Cobham, Guildford and Epsom. We have read through some easy readers and quite a few of the lessons in Cymraeg efo Ffrind. Please pass on my e-bost to anyone who could attend: harrydowling [AT] icloud [DOT] com

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