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East Anglian Meet ups 2019


Thanks very much, I’ll try to get there. Does the pub have a car park?


No car park, but several of the nearby roads have unrestricted parking after 6.30pm, so parking isn’t usually a problem.


Hi Pete, Greg mentioned you tonight, I hope you didn’t come over to the Panton Arms tonight and not find us, I usually stick a flag in the jar on the table to make us visible , As Greg says we are at different stages of learning, so absolutely no worries. We have an equal number of first language speakers and learners , so feel free to share your Welsh with us. I am sure that all of us learners have done SSIW so you’ll get a lot of support ! If you would like to be included in the group e mail please feel free to message me with your addy and you;ll get notified of the meetups etc.


Hi Maynard, I wasn’t able to make the meetup last week although it sounds really encouraging - thanks for the info.


Will there be any December meetups @maynard?


Hi, there won’t be any this month. Next Cambridge meet is Tues 28th jan 2020. At the mo I’m rethinking the East Dereham meet ups as theire has been a large fall off.due to illnesses etc. So I’m thinking of either a 6 weekly meet up in Norwich, or 6 weekly Dereham. Or even stopping that one


Let me know when you’ve made a final decision @maynard, and I’ll make sure all the relevant info goes int he email. :slight_smile:


thanks Catrin. The Cambridge meet ups are Tuesday evening 28th Jan and Feb 25th Jan. Meet at the Panton Arms. CB2 at 7.10 onwards, I will think about Norfolk meet ups when Spring is on its way. X


Diolch for confirming! :slight_smile: