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East Anglian Meet ups 2019


Hi welcome to all who love the language @dee

C A M B R I D G E UK Tuesday 29th January 2019 7.20pm onwards in The Panton Arms, Panton Street, Cambridge, England CB2 1HL, United Kingdom 7.20pm onwards

E A S T D E R E H A M ( Norfolk) Thursday 31st January 2019 at 7.30pm in the King’s Head, Norwich Street


Hi @maynard, I’ve taken the liberty of removing the ‘January’ from the title of this thread so you can just keep posting each month’s details here instead of starting a new thread each time.

Do you have the dates for February yet?

Diolch :slight_smile:


Diolch i chdi Dee, Fe fyddai’r dyddiadau fel y canlyn:

C a m b r i d g e ( England)** 26.2.19 Tuesday evening in the Panton Arms, - 7.20pm onwards**
( If you need a bite of food some of us eat and chat just beforehand)

E a s t . D e r e h a m , ( Mid Norfolk) 28.2.19 Thursday evening in the King’s Head, East Dereham at 7.30pm

C R O E S O ,C Y N N E S , I B A W B


Any plans for the next meetups @Maynard?


Hi the East Anglia meet ups
C A M B R I D G E. Tues 26/3/19…19 10hrs onwards - 21.15 at the Panton Arms .

N O R F O L K …Thurs 28/3/19 at The Kings Head, Norwich Street, East Dereham. At 19.30 hrs.

Croeso cynnes I bawb


And the April meetup details can be found at East Anglian Meet ups April 2019


Any May dates yet @maynard? :slight_smile:


Cambridge - Tues May 21st 2019 - The Panton Arms , CB2 @ 7.15 pm onwards

Norfolk - Thurs 23 May 2019 - The Kings Head, East Dereham @ 7.30 onwards

Croeso cynnes i bawb sy’n caru’r Iaith