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Exeter Welsh Chat for Learners / Grŵp Sgwrsiau Cymraeg De Gorllewin Lloegr


Hello Steffan
I’m really sorry, but I’m unable meet this evening.
As most of those who responded live some way from Exeter, I wondered if a daytime meet-up at the weekend might make it easier to attend, especially as the evenings are getting darker. It would be interesting to get people’s views.
Kind regards


No worries both, I’ll head along anyway in case.
I agree Sandra, I’ll try the next one during the day at a weekend.


Annwyl pawb
I will still be at the Samuel Jones pub on the quay this evening from 6.45pm but given that nobody else has said they could make it I will only stay until 7.15pm. Please do still come along if you can or let me know you’re coming and I will stay longer.
I’ll re-advertise for another possible date very soon. In the meantime please do let us know when would be best for you.


Annwyl pawb
The inaugural meeting has happened, a small turn out but you know, from small acorns and all that. Anne (from Cediton, originally of Llangrannog) and I had a great chat and a good laugh discussing various things in Welsh (from Brexit to the Super Furry Animals to book recommendations) and looking up the many words we had forgotten. It was great!
We will have another meeting on a weekend afternoon in the next few weeks, please do keep an eye out here.


I recently moved here near taunton and honiton so can defininately make it to Exeter. I’d love to come along and practice welsh with everyone!


Annwyl pawb
Mae cyfarfod nesa ar y ffordd!
How about the afternoon of Saturday 19th October in the Welcome Café on the Quay?
As last time you would be welcome to come along and chat in English about learning Welsh (or anything else of course) or chat in Welsh (what’s the Welsh for prorogation?) and add some English translation for those less confident.
Sut am y dyddiad hon?
How is that date?


Hiya Steffan,

I would love to be there but unfortunately I’m travelling on the 19th and won’t be home in time to make it.
Hopefully next time.



Dear All
I will be in the front room of the Welcome Café at 2pm next Saturday (19th). I will hang around for 45 minutes or so, if you fancy meeting up please do come along. Any level or none of Welsh is fine (although if you’re fluent I’ll be the one struggling to keep up!!), we can always chat in English about learning Welsh! I will be wearing a ‘Cofiwch Tryweryn’ T shirt.
Wela’ i chi yno!


Shwmai Steffan!

Llongyfarchaidau ar eich grwp SSiW yn Exeter. Hoffwn i ddod drosodd unwaith - ond dwi ddim yn gallu gweud Sadwrn 19 Hydref, maen ddrwg gen i. Efallai y tro nesaf?

Mae’r grwp SSiW SE Cornwall yn tyfu, fel arfer mae 4-8 o bobl yn dod i’r cyfarfodydd nawr.

Hi Steffan, well done on setting up the Exeter SSiW group. I’d like to come over to one of your meetings, but I can’t do Sat 19 Oct sorry, maybe the next one?

Our SSiW SE Cornwall group is growing - we normally get 4-8 people coming along for a coffee and chat in Welsh, which is great.

Cofion gorau, Lillian


Bydda i’n ceisio i ddod, ond mae e’n anodd iawn yr wythnos hwn!
I will try and come but it’s very difficult this weekend.


Dim problem Claire, tro nesa dwi’n siwr.


Hei Anne
Dim problem os dach chi’n brysur, welai chi’n fuan dwi’n siwr.


I was really hoping to get there this time, but due to a bereavement, I’m afraid that I’m unable to make it.


Annwyl Sandra
Really sorry to hear of your bereavement. There will be other meetings I’m sure.
Kind Regards


Annwyl pawb
I’m in The Welcome Cafe on the canal/quay in Exeter. I’m in a pale jumper and reading Llyfr Glas Nebo by Manon Steffan Ros…or trying to at least.


Shwmai Steffan

Cawson ni cyfarfod SSiW SE Cornwall heddiw. Roedd 6 yno. Roedd yn bendigedig. Dwedon ni bydd o leia 2/3 ohonyn ni’n dod i’ch cyfarfod nesaf. Bydd prynhawn Sadwrn yn iawn - neu prynhawn Sul.

Ddrwg gen i doeddwn i ddim yn gallu dod drosodd tro diwethaf.

Sorry I didn’t get over for your last meeting Steffan. It took the SE Cornwall group a long time to get going - for the first 6 months it was just 2 of us, we met today in Portwrinkle, with 6 there - 5 learners and one new lady who is a fluent speaker from Anglesey.

If you do your next meeting on a Sat or Sunday afternoon 2-3 (maybe more) of the SE Cornwall group will come over to join you. Pop lwc!

Diolch Lillian


Annwyl pawb, bydd cyfarfod nesa Prynhawn dydd Sadwrn 23ed Mis Tachwedd @ 2.30pm. Byddan ni’n cwrdd yn café John Lewis reit yn y canol y ddinas Caerwisg (mae’n haws am Anne sydd yn dod o Grediton ar y bws). Gobeithio bydd rhai bobl o’r grwp SE Cernyw’n dod i siarad efo ni! Diolch i Lillian am y calonogi!
Dear All
The next meeting will be on the afternoon of Saturday 23rd November @2.30pm. We will meet in the cafe of John Lewis in the centre of Exeter (it’s easier for Anne who comes on the bus from Crediton). Hopefully a few people from the SE Cornwall group will come and meet with us too! Thanks to Lillian for the encouragement.
Hope to see you there if you can make it.
Oddi wrth


Annwyl pawb
Ebost byr i atgoffa i chi bydd cyfarfod nesa dydd Sadwrn 23ed Mis Tachwedd @ 2.30pm, café John Lewis, Caerwisg.
Just a short email to remind you that the next meeting is this Saturday, 23rd November at 2.20pm in the John Lewis café in Exeter. Chat in Welsh and English is welcome.
Wela i chi wedyn!


Thank you, I hope to be there this time.


Shwmai Steffan a diolch!

Dwi’n dod i’ch cyfarfod p’nawn Sadwrn yng Nghaerwisg. Dwi’n edrych ymlaen ato.

Os oes problemau, allwch chi ffonio neu anfon tecst - os gwelwch yn dda. Byddaf i’n dod ar y tren o Liskeard, Kernew. Diolch.

Hwyl am nawr, Lillian 07802-289334