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Exeter Welsh Chat for Learners / Grŵp Sgwrsiau Cymraeg De Gorllewin Lloegr


How will we recognise you? It’s usually busy in JL!


Helo pawb
Mae fy rhif ffon fi ydy 07732433427.
Mi fydda i’n gwisgo siwmper maroon, darllen Ramblings of a Patagonian a bydd geiriadur Cymraeg ar y bwrdd!!
I’ll be wearing a maroon jumper, reading Ramblings of a Patagonian and there’ll be a Welsh dictionary on the table!!
Looking forward to meeting you all later


Diolch Lillian, welai chi wedyn.


Hello Sandra
I’ve posted a general ‘how to spot me’ below, hope it helps.


Diolch yn fawr,


Croeso Sandra, roedd hi’n hyfryd i cyfarfod efo chi.
You’re more than welcome Sandra, well done for coming, it was lovely to meet you.


Annwyl Pawb
Aeth y cyfarfod diweddara’n dda iawn, dan ni’n tyfu!! Diolch i Anne, Lillian a Sandra am ddod.
Bydd cyfarfod nesa ar ol Nadolig felly Nadolig Llawen i chi, wela i chi yn a blwyddyn newydd.
Sut am mis Ionawr 11eg, yn y caffi, Llyfrgell Ganolog Caerwisg (syniad da Sandra).
The most recent meeting went brilliantly, we are growing with four people meeting up. Thanks to Lillian, Sandra and Anne for coming. We won’t meet now until after Christmas so Merry Christmas, see you in the New Year! How about January 11th in the café of the Central Library in Exeter? (nice idea Sandra).
Hwyf fawr, da boch chi…


Can you tag me if this change is agreed so I can make sure I update it in the newsletter, diolch :slight_smile:


Hei Deborah
Dwi ddim yn siwr sut i tag chi mewn post yn anffoddus.
Gobeithio byddwch chi’n weld hwn!!


Annwl Pawb
Blwyddyn Newydd Dda i chi gyd. Byddan ni’n cyfarfod tro nesa dydd Sadwrn 11eg yn y caffi Llyfrgell Canolog Caerwisg. Sut am 1yp?
Roedwn i’n meddwl bo ni’n cytuno’r dyddiad yn y cwrdd diwethaf. Dweud wrtha fi os mae amser ddim yn cyfleus.
Happy New Year everyone. We will meet next time round in the cafe in Exeter Central Library. How about 1pm? I think we agreed this date last time. Let me know if the time isn’t convenient.
A huge welcome to anyone who fancies coming along.


Helo Steffan, I have it in my diary for 2.30pm, which I think was the time we met last time. I may have been guessing though! I’d prefer it nearer 2pm, but will try to make it for 1pm, if that suits best.


Dear Sandra
I’d forgotten and you’re right, 2.30pm it is!
See you there.


Annwyl pawb
Dwi wedi anghofio, naethon ni’n cytuno i cwrdd am 2.30pm dydd Sadwrn nesa. Yr un lle, caffi Llyfrgell Caerwisg. Mi fydda i’n paratoi darn bach yn Gymraeg i ddarllen, rhywbeth am hanes Cymru. Os chi isio gneud yr un peth, gwych. Welai chi wedyn.
Dear All
I had forgotten that we agreed to meet at 2.30pm on Saturday. So we’ll go for that, same place though, the cafe in the Central Exeter Library. I will prepare a small piece to read out at the meeting, something from Welsh history. If you’d like to do the same feel free, any topic at all.
See you there




Hi @steffan-parry!

The weekly email went out yesterday morning, so I missed this unfortunately. But if you take a look at the following thread and update me with any info on future meet-ups, that would be fab. I will then make sure that all the relevant and correct information is available for all future events. Diolch! :smiley:


Hi Steffan. I’d like to join you this Saturday. See you in the library café at 2:30 if that’s ok. Jane


Looking forward to meeting you Jane.


Thank you Sandra. Likewise :blush:


Annwyl pawb, edrych ymlaen i cwrdd prynhawn 'ma. Welai chi 2.30pm yn yr Llyfrgell.
Dear All, looking forward to meeting this afternoon. A warm welcome to Jane coming along for the first time.


Hello Steffan
I am a fairly new Welsh learner living in Brixham. I found this thread yesterday evening so I missed the opportunity to come to your latest meeting. I am really keen to have the chance to practice my basic Welsh in real conversations (although I’m also very nervous about it). I would love to come along to your group when I can. I work full time during the week and volunteer on Saturday mornings so weekends or evenings are the most likely times that I could join you. I look forward to hearing the time and place of your next meeting and hope you won’t mind if I come along?