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Frustrated from Llandudno


Sorry but I’m really struggling with this forum . I don’t understand why my bubble hasn’t turned green or why people can’t access my Soundcloud.
Not my most important issues in life but irritating. I might just carry on with the challenges and forget this part of it


Don’t worry Jim, the bubble thing isn’t automated so sometimes gets delayed when the admins are all super-busy, but they will get around to it eventually.

I’ve listened to your recordings and they are fine, so not sure why others might be having trouble accessing them - but then I only access everything via computer so I can’t speak for those with smartphones or iPads/tablets.

These tasks are designed to enhance the learning process and get you speaking confidently quicker, but they are not absolutely essential - best to give them a whirl to start with (as you have), but if they really give you a lot of grief and threaten to stop Welsh being fun, then certainly take a break from them. Better that than to let them spoil your Welsh language journey :slight_smile:


I understand your frustration Jim, as I found doing the recordings well-nigh impossible to begin with and left them for not just a matter of days but over 12 months! In which time I got on with having chats on Skype and Slack, where thankfully I found the techie stuff easier to manage.

All that said, I have in fact listened to your recordings, which are really very good, so I’m not altogether sure why others haven’t been able to access them - except that with anything digital any of these issues can crop up anywhere without rhyme or reason.

So dal ati / keep at it - you are doing far better than you think, including on the recording front!


Thanks, Alan, for your support.
I love the Welsh learning


Thank you,also Siaron for your continued support