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Funeral date [Er cof annwyl am Liz Corbett - in loving memory]


Liz and I were good friends - we saw each other at least once a week up until I moved away from Melbourne. I’m really having trouble processing the fact that she won’t be there when I return, ready as she always was with a smile and a big hug and fascinating research on her latest book. It’s become really hard for me to imagine my life without her in it. I didn’t know a single person who didn’t absolutely love her, and it was almost entirely her dedication and enthusiasm that kept the Welsh classes in Melbourne going. I’m going to miss her so much.


Thank you for expressing so warmly our response to the sudden and tragic loss of this admirable and warm member of our community. I feel enriched by having met her.


Terrible news - so enjoyed meeting Liz at bwtcamp in Caernarfon and again when she came to our SSIW cyfarfod in Norfolk. She was a force of energy and enthusiasm, especially for her beloved Wales and Cymraeg. Thinking of all her friends and family worldwide.


Alla i ddim credu be dwi ‘di jyst darllen! :cry:
I didn’t get to meet Liz, although I almost did at the 2018 Eisteddfod in Bae Caerdydd, where I bought her book ‘The Tides Between’. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve only just managed to get around to start reading it a couple of weeks ago, but this news only makes reading her book all the more prominent now. Very sad news, and my thoughts are with her family and friends, and all who were lucky enough to meet her.


What a beautiful tribute, Aran.


Lovely, Aran. Well said.

And I can thoroughly recommend a visit to Liz’s site, as mentioned by Aran.


For those of you who might be able to be there, we’ve been told that the intention is for Liz’s funeral - in the Corris area - to take place towards the end of next week, possibly on the Thursday. I’ll update in here as soon as we have confirmation of date and location.


Sorry to hear about Liz. SSiW really is a kind of family. I didn’t know Liz but I’ve a real sense of her spirit from these wonderful tributes.


I’m hardly believing I’m reading these lines, all these posts above and am telling myself “This just can’t be true!”. But unfortunately and sadly it obviously is.

I didn’t meet Liz in person, but i had a privilege of speaking with her once through Skype just in a time of my struggles with learning Welsh when I was not at the beginning of learning anymore, but I was not able to tell that many things in Welsh yet also. She (among all the others) lifted my spirit and desire to go on.

Following her on social media and through her blog until recently was always a pleasure and inspiration to me and reading her novel was something what was the most exciting thing. I was anticipated to read more, to read the story further and now this story would never be finished …

My condolences to her family and friends and all those who have known her.

You will always be among us, Liz, always!

R.I.P. Liz. …


Here are the latest updates from Veronica, Liz’s dear friend…

Hi everyone, I have been getting a lot of questions about what is happening, so thought I would do an update. Please share. Today I start the process of handing Liz (Elizabeth Jane Corbett) back to her family. Jack and Vanessa and their two children arrive today. We are meeting with the vicar this afternoon to decide the Welsh celebration of her life which will most likely be Thursday. Tomorrow, Andrew, Seth, Phoebe and Andrew arrive. Tomorrow afternoon we should find out why this happened. Wednesday the family have planned a viewing. I don’t know if it is private or not but will let you know. Thursday, hopefully, the celebration of her life. Saturday and Sunday the family will head home and I think Liz will go home on Monday and the family will let you know their plans for once she is home. I will update this evening, so people in Wales can plan their week if they are planning on joining us here in Corris.


Dear SSiW family, here are the final funeral arrangements for Liz Corbett.

The service will be held on on Thursday 16th January, 11am at

The Holy Trinity Church,
7 Bridge St,
SY20 9SS

Afterwards there will be wake at

The Institute
SY20 9SH

EVERYONE is welcome. Please wear something red if possible.

If you would like to make a donation in Liz’s name, please make it to the air ambulance who worked tirelessly to save her.

“I Veronica and the family look forward to seeing you on Thursday and to honouring and remembering Liz’s amazing life and energy.”


I won’t be able to be there, but I will certainly be wearing red and thinking of everyone. x


Iestyn and I will be there, and aim to arrive in Corris about 10am if anyone wants to meet in a caffi for coffee. We won’t be able to stay too long at the wake so hope to celebrate her life with a few of you beforehand if possible.


Despite only having met Liz a couple of times, I’d like to join you, Iestyn and SSiW friends to pay tribute to her on Thursday in Corris.
Idris stores on Bridge Street appears to be a cafe. I aim to get there by 10 am unless another venue is suggested.


One of the unique things about SSIW is that I’ve formed many friendships online through our common interest. I only met Liz briefly at a writers workshop, when I popped by to say hello and was rather reluctant to open my mouth much with my limited Welsh. However, we were very engaged on Facebook, and had the privilege of sharing in her ups and downs over the last few years.

I would sum her up in one word - refreshing.

I do hope that her second book can be completed, I think that would be her best memorial.

I won’t be able to be there on Thursday, but I shall look forward to hearing all the happy and uplifting tales of those who have come together to celebrate Liz and a life well lived.


Such sad news Aran - I never met Liz in person, but know she was truly inspirational. RIP Liz.


I’ll be there on Thursday to celebrate Liz’s life. I’ll be arriving early, around 9.30-10.00am so I can find somewhere to park and meet for coffee before the service.


We are going to try and get the kids to school a little earlier that morning so we can get a head start. But as things stand it will probably take us about an hour and a half, considering the weather is going to be bad again on Thursday. So all things considered (including parking challenges), we’re not going to commit to meeting for a panad before the service. But we will look forward to sharing memories of Liz with you all at the wake, and a few cwtshis here and there. :heart:


Thank you for all your kind words and thoughts. The world is a lonelier place without Liz. All this past week as I have been trying to save her life, organising, informing, helping her family I have been thinking how Liz and I would have chuckled over the silly moments and the silly thoughts, including thinking how angry Andrew (her husband) will be because I wasn’t able to save her. Of course he wasn’t. The other thought I have had is how she would have been in her element doing everything I have done as she would have all done it through the medium of Welsh, where for the moment my Welsh has deserted me and I am struggling to do stuff in English. I keep reverting to my mother tongue, which doesn’t quite work in the UK (involves a lot of swearing). I look forward to meeting you all on Thursday and celebrating the beautiful life she lived and showing her family what it was that she loved so much that she left them every year. And this country, this language, and my place Maelor meant so much to her. And she will be speaking Welsh, because - Cymraeg ydy iaith o nefoedd.


I knew Liz only at a distance, but like everybody else here I’m so terribly sad at her loss. Unreal.

Veronica, thank you for keeping Liz’s SSiW family so informed through what has surely been a horrendous week for you, and for including us in celebrating her life. That love works in every language.