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Funeral date [Er cof annwyl am Liz Corbett - in loving memory]


Veronica, I am in total awe of you - your courage, compassion, warmth and dedication. I am so glad Liz left this earth in your loving care, that you were both joking before she slipped away and that she was at a place she loved so dearly, with a person she loved so dearly and doing all the things that filled her with passion. You have already honoured her in so many wonderful ways these last few days, and I know that Thursday will be so very fitting and loving because of your efforts. Much love. X


Could we perhaps create a new category in our online Eisteddfod (or re-dedicate an existing one) in honour of our Liz? I’m with @amandalaing though, it probably should be something red and black that can be passed on each year…?


I’m so sorry. Geoffrey and I met Liz once, at a SSIW party. I remember very well her warm personality and the keen interest that she took in whoever she found herself talking to. It’s so right to say that she was a brilliant ambassador for Welsh and SSIW and a genuine friend to us all.


I’m actually wondering whether something on a bigger scale like a bursary for someone in Australia would be possible? We might need to crowd fund from the SSIW family but it would be something practical that would really help a learner.


Can I just check which cafe people are planning on meeting at before the service? Are we going with @HuwJones’s suggestion of Idris Stores?

The unpredictability of rush hour traffic means I may arrive ridiculously early or I may be frantically trying to find a parking space at 10.45…


I’m planning on arriving in Corris at about 9.30am (traffic permitting), parking at the craft centre and walking down to Idris Stores for 10.00am. According to google the craft centre cafe doesn’t open until 11.00am.

Does anyone know how big the Corris railway car park is, or is it best to park at the craft centre and walk down?


From Google and Bing aerial photos. I’d estimate that there are spaces for 6-8 cars outside the Corris railway station (which is currently out of season and possibly 8 more in a small lot just beyond but, of course, I can give NO guarantees.
Here’s a Google street view peek of the entrance to the Corris railway car park (coming uphill from Idris Store direction). The other lot is on the left just beyond the end of the line of cars.
Idris Stores cafe is allegedly open fro 10 am
Bring wind-proof rainwear!


Sending lots of love to everyone tomorrow and especially to Liz’s family. Such a difficult time, but Liz will live on in our memories. Such an awesome lady, I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet her. Thank you to SSiW for the privilege.


Dude, we’re Welsh … is there any other kind of “wear”?

I’m hoping to arrive about 10 but traffic may be heavy that time of day. See you all there.


We’ll be arriving, finding a parking space and probably opting for quiet time in the car before the service. We will get a chance to chat to you all at the Institute. X


Just wanted to share this with you, I found it on my phone the other day, a video Liz sent me to give Aran on his 50th birthday, July 2018…




We are members of a lovely family, the SSiW one, but also other families of various types. I had planned on celebrating Liz’s life with everyone tomorrow, but someone in another of my families needs my support.
I know Liz will have a great send-off.
Love and respect to all.


Wyt ti’n teimlo tryst. We can’t believe that she is gone @aran …Aled’s email took us by complete surprise last week.
Members from the Melbourne group who were able to do so met up to raise a glass in memoriam (a number of us could not attend either due to travel, breathing difficulties or other engagements). We were all there in spirit; a dimmed, limned spirit bereft of red and wreathed in black. Liz shall be missed long and deeply.
She was tireless in her efforts to coax Welsh into us when our very brains fought against us! All with her cycling to and from classes at the Melbourne Welsh Church hosted location.
Requiescat in pace athrawes.


I’m so sorry that I can’t be with you all in Corris today, to remember Liz and all that she meant to so many of us. I will be with you in spirit.


Meddwl amdanoch chi i gyd heddiw! I hope you all are able to share in Liz’s wonderful life. :heart:


I hope that today went smoothly for Liz’s funeral. Have been wearing red and thinking of you all. When you are able to rest and recover, after what I am sure was a very emotional day, I just wondered whether for those of us who were unable to be there, would you be able to share some details of the service please?
Diolch enfawr.


I’d like to offer my own impression of today’s celebration of Liz Corbett’s life.
Apart from the inevitable sadness, the day was characterised by an extraordinary feeling of love and joy which emanated from Liz’s wonderful family and the shared warmth of our memories of such a wonderful woman.

Beforehand, many people “cwtshed” into Corris’s Idris Store to share coffees and recollections. We then moved a few yards up Bridge Street to Trinity Saint Michael’s, a fine example of a quarryman’s church. The place was full of three generations of Liz’s family who had flown in from Australia, friends from Liz’s literary and “Welshing” life, some Corris locals and a good number of her SSiW admirers including Aran, Catrin, Iestyn and Cat.

We were welcomed by the sound of the harp and by the church priest (I didn’t catch her name) who invited us to join in a spirited rendering of Calon Lan. Many of us wore red and, when Liz’s husband, Andrew, started his tribute we understood why. He gave us a hilarious account of cycling behind Liz whose bicycle, clothing and accessories were exclusively red. He continued to give us such a moving account of their life and love together. I have never been so struck by such warmth, joy, love and fortitude.

Andrew was followed by Liz’s daughter who gave us another perspective on Liz, the loving and inspirational mother. Liz’s friend and literary motivator, Veronica, offered her own tribute. Everyone was aware that she witnessed and responded to Liz’s fatal attack and marshalled the attempts including those of the Air Ambulance service to revive her.

Aran then stepped up to read a bilingual extract from Liz’s first novel. The passage was uncannily and poignantly relevant. I don’t know how he managed to get through it and, speaking to him later, I found that he found it very hard. His delivery though. was, as you would expect, clear and moving.

After the service, we adjourned to the Corris Institute where we had tea, sandwiches and shared our happy memories. I had the pleasure (and I mean pleasure) of talking to Andrew about my own brief memories. After a tutorial from Iestyn. I wrote a message in the notebook which Liz herself had only recently bought for her writing.

I left uplifted and glad that I had had the privilege of meeting Liz and her wonderful family.


Thank you Huw. Very moving and good to know the details, especially the warmth and happy memories. It all helps with the grief. Well done to Aran too.


An absolutely beautiful description of the day @HuwJones… diolch. :heart: