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General question about pronunciations! Help!


When saying Hunna (that), the female voice sounds like Hinna, and Aran says Hunna…i’m wondering why there is a difference in pronunciation of this word - this has happened slightly with a different word, but it wasn’t so marked. Is there a right way?

Thanks for any help with this,
slightly confused


Hi Samina - The conventional spelling is hynna. Now the letter y has several possible sounds, but there are conventions as to which is used depending on where the letter appears in a word. Nevertheless, there is wriggle room, particularly with shorter words, and this is what you’ve noticed. Both pronunciations are fine in this case. :slight_smile:


Is there a right way?

IMO there are a number of “right ways”. Most, if not all. languages have substantial variations in pronunciation depending on geography and other factors. Take the example of words like “bus” and “bath” and how they change even within one Ystrad Meurig household. :laughing:
I have followed the Southern route, and I value the occasionally varying pronunciation of Iestyn and Cat as an important part of understanding the flexible nature of spoken Welsh.
Above all, don’t let varying pronunciation confuse you. Paid becso/poeni - Don’t worry. :smiley:


I asked about this when I was at the same point & was told that hynna is basically two words run together - hyn and yna. Some people say it (and even write it) as a compound word - hyn 'na (hence Catrin’s pronunciation) - while others treat it as a new, two-syllable word - hynna (Aran).


Thank you for spending the time to respond!


That’s really helpful thanks Huw, it opens up the advantage of hearing different ways of saying it based on the area etc. in fact I was practising with a local ad from Caenarfon and he says things really differently!!


Thanks for spending the time to Respond with this helpful information Richard!

Diolch yn fawr