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I am re-starting a Welsh meeting between Gloucester and Cheltenham at the Bell Inn in Shurdington GL51 4XQ at 7.30pm every 2nd Wednesday starting on 9th March. It is a pleasant venue on the main Cheltenham to Stroud road, partly chosen because of the bus stop opposite. I know Steve and Andy came to our last meeting before the pandemic and we usually have one or two native Welsh speakers attending. Anyone of any linguistic ability is very welcome although an ability to sit for prolonged periods in the lotus position is desirable. That last bit is of course a joke and simply reflects my frivolous mood today.
Hwyl, Nic (@nic)

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Hello Deborah, Yes please! My name’s Sian Jennings, I live in Cheltenham, and I’ve been learning Welsh with SSiW since 2020, but have not yet spoken it to another living soul. Shall I just turn up? Do you want an email address or mobile number?


@nic is the organiser for this group, but usually it’s fine to just show up. You could also send him a Private Message by clicking on his name, then using the ‘Message’ button. That way he’ll know to keep an eye out for you.

Enjoy the meetup!


Many thanks !



Hello Sian. You are most welcome to come along to the re-starting Welsh meeting in Shurdington, near Cheltenham. We are all very friendly, so please don’t feel that it would be a daunting prospect. It’s a good way to dip your toes into dwr Cymru and make the transition form learning to chatting.


Hi Nic live in Cheltenham, newbie to SSIW - can I come along?


Yes, of course - come along and say something in Welsh and listen to others doing the same. It’s the best way to build confidence and make friends at the same time.


Just a reminder that the monthly meeting between Gloucester and Cheltenham is re-starting this Wednesday (9th) at the Bell Inn, Shurdington GL51 4XQ. So far, nine people have said they are coming so it should be a good opportunity to have a sgwrs.
Cofion, Nic


The next meeting for Gloucester/Cheltenham at The Bell in Shurdington is due on Wednesday 13th at 7.30. The last meeting was quite well attended with nine enthusiastic learners. Unfortunately, I fell off a ladder three weeks ago and injured some ribs, which makes coughing, sneezing or even laughing very painful. So, I am especially keen to avoid covid (or even a cold), so I won’t be attending. Covid levels are high in the area at the moment, but I will leave it up to individuals whether they wish to meet this time or not. The following meeting will be the 11th May, but I have booked a caravan trip to Scotland, but the meeting can, of course, still go ahead. I hope to attend the meeting on the 8th June, unless I fall off another ladder, but fingers crossed! Dw i’n dali credu!


Brysia wella @nic! Get well soon!


Hi could you please include me in any future notifications? I’d love to join a group in due course but there’s nothing I can find searching for Birmingham or Droitwich or Worcester where I’m not far from Droitwich but I could get to most places by public transport I’d hope. Diolch yn fawr


Hi all, I’m organising a meet up at 11 am, Friday 13th May, Lockkeepers Pub in Gloucester. Everybody welcome. We are a friendly and supportive core group who meet up intermittently around Gloucester and the Forest of Dean. My email address below - happy for anybody to email me to let me know they’re coming (I’ll book us all a table) or with any queries. Hwyl am y tro, Fi


My email address:


Hi Fi, I’d like to attend. I’d be driving there though and so wondered if the pub has carparking. Couldn’t tell from its website


Hi Pawb,
The next meeting at The Bell at Shurdington (between Gloucester and Cheltenham) will be at 7.30pm on Wednesday 8th June (the second Wednesday of every month). Everyone of all abilities is very welcome. There is a car park at the Bell and it is opposite a bus stop.
Cofion, Nic


Hi Sarah,

sorry for not getting back to you.
We have a meet-up at the Lock Keepers, Horseshoe Drive, Gloucester, 29 July, 11 am if you can make it?
Hwyl am y tro


The next meeting at The Bell in Shurdington will be Wednesday 13th July ay 7.30 - in the garden.
Cofion, Nic


Hi, I can’t make this month, but might be able to come another time. I can’t do evenings, so the Friday mornings would be great. I’m not fluent, but I can chat.


Nice to meet up with Fi at the lock keepers today. I mistakenly said that the next meeting at the Bell in Shurdington is on the 9th August, whereas it is actually on the 10th (and every second Wednesday of the month).
Cofion, Nic