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Here’s my first question to you all!


Ateb i Gwestiwn

Fingers crossed this will work. All the best Lianne.

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Here goes! Question from Shaun - currently doing Level 1


Question from John - currently doing level 1Simple question


Hoping for a green.


Question from Jason Griffiths currently doing level 1


Here’s my question for week 10 :grinning:



Reply to your question, hope it makes sense!

Reply to question


Deallais i ti. Da iawn a diolch (for the reply)


Here is my first question - yikes!



Here’s an answer. Llawr yikes


Answer to question](

Oops forgot mutations


You were :sauropod::frog::dragon_face: for a split second there @paul-pigott :rofl:


Here’s my cwestiwn, and if anyone has an answer I’d be interested to know what it is (although I’ll probably struggle to understand unless it’s in English).