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I know we’re only supposed to ask one question but it felt more natural to ask three, as if I would when striking up conversation (hopefully it will come in handy when I venture to Leeds for my first SSiW meet-up…!)


Fy ateb.

The last word - uffach (=good grief! at least that’s what the subtitles translated it to…) - I heard being used on Pobol o Cwm last week and I’ve wanted to use it since, so diolch!

Aran - ga i fathodyn glas rwan, os gwelwch yn dda?


Hopefully this will embed in the forum…


You sound so natural @michael-1 and a true Gog! :smile::clap:



Mae fy mhartner yn dod o Gaernarfon, bydd yn falch fel fi, dwi’n siŵr!

Diolch am fy fathodyn glas, dwi’n diolchgar iawn​:+1:t2::tada:


Straightforward one from me! :slight_smile:
Question from Jade -currently doing level 1


Please be patient if you’re waiting to become a different colour badger - with Bwtcamp this week, we’re going to be a little busy :slight_smile:





A question from Samina on level 1 : -

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