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Going GREEN - SoundCloud 'Question' recording **Red to Green** ❇



Wow…did you say my welsh sounds great…there are some words here I haven’t learnt yet I think but I think the last bit is ‘because your welsh sounds great’…dy cymraeg di yn swnio gwych? What’s the first bit after hi Andy? allai ti dweud e bach yn araf all…not sure if I’m spelling this right. Actually I could do a sound cloud thing and reply to this yn gymraeg couldn’t I…too late in the evening though now…I still haven’t quite got the hang of how things work on here but I’m getting there


I did indeed say that Andy! You asked what me to tell you what you must do now, so I said you should carry on now (dylset ti gario 'mlaen rwan) because your Welsh sounds great - and it does, it’s very natural and your accent is perfect - if you hadn’t said you were level 1 I’d have assumed you were much further on! :grinning:
Keep listening to as much Welsh as you can from whatever sources you can, even if they seem so fast that you only catch a couple of words here and there. That will expose you to all different accents and ways of saying things, and will help you enormously - but you’re doing excellently so far :+1:


That’s really good to hear, I really appreciate your encouraging words and advice. I am going to try to listen to Radio Cymru more often a gwilio bach o teledu hefyd. At the moment I am indeed just getting the odd word here and there but I feel it is helping. Thanks Siaron.


Well I’ve recorded my question and posted as a new topic so I hope this link will work too
Thanks (in advance) for listening.


I was wondering why I hadn’t gone blue, but I just tried playing my post and see that it doesn’t work, :worried::so here it is again. Hopefully it will be OK this time. Soundcloud and me don’t seem to get on very well.:roll_eyes:


Well done for hanging on in there!

You’re not the only one - we want to try and find a better solution than SoundCloud one of these days… :slight_smile: :flushed:


Diolch. The course is so good and I am really enjoying doing it, so SoundCloud is a minor irritation that I am happy to persevere with. :grin:


Delighted to hear that - and thanks for your patience with SC! :star: :star2:


I am just downoading Soundcloud on to my phone again, after a gap of months…

…seems the latest improved version is 2months old now… and I had a chance too choose either “Music (discovery)”, or “For Creators…”

Have gone for latter. I want to do a little recording everyday.

Wondering if I need to download a copy of Audiocopy app… but wondering if I could just use the inbuilt Voice memo app on my iPhone. Too many semi-redundant apps on my iPhone, functions duplicated…!

Still writing info in Week 25 about how to follow the inspiring people here on this thread, and learn to record something more naturally me than the recording that got me my salmon colour. Salmon of knowledge, mehopes.


Despite I’m “blue” already, to add to collection of questions for practicing and encreasing resources, here’s another question from me.

Tatjana :slight_smile:


Shwmae Tatjana
Just in case I posted in the wrong place I’m reposting my answer to your question here :slight_smile:



You posted it just right but it doesn’t hurt to post it here also. Thank you one more time. I don’t get many answers to my questions these days. :slight_smile:


I liked the question - probably because i like my garden. And it sounded so lovely with the birds singing I just had to answer :slight_smile:


There are questions from the forest also providing some birds singing aswell. :slight_smile: And there’s one question with thunderstorm at the background. :slight_smile:



Question from Emma currently doing level 1
Sorry I have no idea if this worked the tech stuff seems to be getting harder not easier!

EDIT (Dee) - your question is exactly in the right place, Emma. What you can do then is put a link to it here like this: Question from Emma doing level 1 and people go to the original to answer your question :slight_smile:




Heres my attempt at the level1 week 10 ask a question challenge…


Ooh, smart green badge you’ve got there, sir… :slight_smile: