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Going GREEN - week 19 'QUESTION' recording **Red to Green badge** ❇ (Awarded Mondays)



Bore da bawb!

As it’s half term holiday here in Wales this coming week and the kids will be at home, so I won’t be at my computer very much, I’m going to award a whole batch of badges today! So watch this space! :smiley:


Well done @andrew-graham @sarah-meek @stephen-22 @viv-gray! You now have your GREEN badges! Llongyfarchiadau! :smile:


Here is week 19 question. It is my first time using the SSiW recorder, rather than Clyp:


Diolch yn fawr iawn, Catrin. Dwi’n mwynhau dysgu Cymraeg efo chdi.


Here you go, one stilted question!



Well done everyone! @davidlewis-1 Fabulous questions @mary-ann-nossent @DianeO !

Here are your Green badges! :smiley:


good accent well done!


sounds fab. Well done!


diolch yn fawr iawn :blush:


sounds good…not at all stilted!


that sounded really good.


My simple question!



Excellent diction Ann. Said very clearly


dw i’n dod o Gymru :slightly_smiling_face: (I come from Wales)
Very clear understandable


Hi, Ive used the recorder to ask a question. How do I save it to my clipboard (where is my clipboard?) and then how do I post it in the correct thread please?


Are you going out this weekend?


Da iawn.