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Grand Slam meetup in Brighton?


Hi all, new to the group and a poor Welsh speaker from Swansea, living in Brighton.
I was thinking of watching THE game at the Irish pub The Fiddlers Elbow in Brighton this Saturday but thought it would be better surrounded by lovely people from home :slight_smile: does anybody fancy it? Should be a great atmosphere with the events they have going on there.

Diolch, Adam


Great idea - might be worth asking around on Facebook, too… hope you get a crowd together!


Ah Adam, that would have been great. Fiddler’s Elbow is always a great place to watch and you could definitely do with a few fellow Welsh supporters in that pub! Annoyingly I’m working that day…I know, terrible planning. Cael hwyl! Always up for a catch up with fellow SSIWers in Brighton though so get in touch!