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Great Kids' TV shows for Beginners - Deian a Loli & More!


Those are two very important features for new learners to set the context and allow the ear and the brain time to absorb what is happening. :smiley::+1:


Dwylo enfys uses a type of sign language as well as speaking welsh. It’s amazing how even just having s4c or radio cymru in the background helps welsh slowly seep into your brain


It is so true! I listen to music almost exclusively in Welsh now, and it has been incredible as I suddenly realize I am understanding what I am hearing.


I found a new favourite, besides Deian a Loli: Shwshaswyn!

It’s short, so easy to squeeze in among other activities and even includes some sort of relaxation excercise…that are actually really useful for me, and also help me keep my attention focused ha! :smiley:


Wow, cool! Thanks for sharing a new show! I love the idea of having relaxation exercises built in. I will take a look at it later this morning. Thanks again! :grinning::hibiscus:


Wow. That sounds like my type of program. Welsh and relaxation…i’m definitely going to watch that one :slight_smile:


Llwybr Llaethog 12" in Deian a Loli, about to be mistaken for a frisbee! :joy:

p.s. in this episode the kids, and especially the girl who had to play several parts at the same time, did an amazing performance as actors! :clap:


I got curious about a Kids’ TV show called Sion y Chef, after reading this: “Siôn is getting the ingredients together for a classic Italian salad, but is distracted when Magi’s pig escapes.”

The Italian owner of a shop, is called “Mama Polenta” and sings the opera while dusting around. :roll_eyes: Maybe a hundred years ago, in Italy, that might happen?

Then the Classic Italian salad, according to them, would be:
Tomato, avocado, mozzarella, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Oh well, we don’t know much about Wales, but in Wales people has strange ideas about Italians too!!! :rofl:


Thought I spotted an olive in an avocado slice but I think it’s a balsamic overdose. Welsh Rarebit, Italian style next week would be good.:rofl:


I thought I would give this post another bump because I finally contacted S4C about this error P08 that has been causing problems for people, especially international viewers.

I asked for help via email the other day, and they responded almost immediately. His advice to turn off my ad blocker didn’t help in my case, because I had already tried that ages ago and S4C has ad permissions in my browser… but his advice got me thinking. I have been using a browser developed by my free anti-virus software called AVG Secure Browser, and I realized there might be something built into the program that is blocking the video content on S4C. I switched back to regular old Chrome and went to Deian a Loli… Ta da! It works! So, for those of you who have encountered this error when trying to watch S4C’s international content, try this:

1. Sign up and log in - this step is new, they recently started requiring registration on the site (I have not been pummeled with spam mail, so they seem to have kept my information to themselves).

2. Turn off any ad blocking software, or give permission to S4C to run ads (I never see any ads, and to be honest, I am slightly disappointed! Advertising in Welsh might be almost as interesting!).

3. If you still can’t play the videos, try using the standard Google Chrome browser.

Pob lwc and happy watching! I nearly cried tears of joy when the intro song to Deian a Loli started playing… like the return of old friends! I’m posting a link to the episode Deian a Loli A’r Polisman Plant that will be taken down from the site in a few days, it’s a delight. Enjoy!


Hey Deian a Loli fan! :smiley:

I just checked it now and it actually didn’t get any error (just had to turn off the ad blocker). Maybe the log in thing is making it work better? Who knows. In any case it’s great to have a list of things to try if it happens again. Thanks a lot!

p.s. I had seen the ads in the UK and all those I’ve seen were in English language, and for the most part not even from Wales like…Kit Kat, some big fast food chain (can’t remember which one now), an international bank group… nothing interesting, really. :neutral_face:


I’m glad I’m not getting any advertising, in that case! I have no idea why not, but who cares?!? I’m just grateful I don’t have to sit through a bunch of garbage in English. :wink:

I’m glad it’s working for you! I remembered some others in the thread (and I think I saw mentions in other threads) about other people getting this error message too, so I figured I would post the fix in case it comes up for anyone else. :smile: :


Sure, and actually it was a bit random, so I can’t be sure it will never happen again to me!

By the way, strange thing is I don’t get any ads here in Italy myself. I saw them only using a UK wi fi!
I guess the big corporations paid only for popping up that area of the world. :smiley:


Well, aren’t we lucky?!? I hope you get a chance to watch Deian a Loli A’r Polisman Plant… it has some great vocabulary you might not find anywhere else! Truly, the words and phrases Polisman Plant comes up with to scare the kids is so funny… the recipe for their “prison food” is the best! I will try to remember to come back and “spoil” completely it after the episode has been taken down from the site. :rofl: I plan to watch it a few more times and take lots of notes!


I saw it once yesterday evening, and most definitely many of the things the Plisman Plant and the “reseit” of the prison says can’t easily be found elsewhere. :rofl:
By the way, I’d love to be able to speak like this! They cut everything to the bare minimum - that’s one of the things I love about Welsh. :slight_smile:
But it’s really not easy for me to catch the words, to tell the truth. How do you manage with notes?

Welsh subtitles would make everything easier. But as long as they put it back on the international section from time to time, maybe it’s even better like this so we can do an extra effort to understand! :wink: . about it @siaronjames? :grin:


I would if I could, but it’s not us (the production company) that put the subtitles on, it’s S4C themselves.


I’d just like to mention here that we saw ‘Deian a Loli’ filming a new episode in the Eisteddfod on Tuesday. No idea when it will be released though.


We had been talking about the ads yesterday, right?. Well, right now I clicked to see Bois y pizza and …an ad popped up! :astonished:
And if that wasn’t enough, it was a Welsh bank, and in Welsh language.

But the most hilarious thing…what was the name of the bank?
Banc DATBLYGU Cymru! :open_mouth: :rofl:

They must definitely be spying us!!! :eyes: :male_detective: :laughing:


Whoa… how not even close to random is that?!? Dang, pretty specific in fact! :face_with_monocle:

About your question earlier, my notes are far from comprehensive… but I have just started doing this so I may find new tricks along the way. For now, I have watched it a few times on my own, with only occasional English subtitles. Then, after doing that, I have been watching again with heavy use of the pause button, backing up over and over, wracking my brain, and trying out different hunches with Ap Geiriaduron and Google Translate. I write down words and phrases I recognize already or am able to work out, guess the spelling and try to look up new words, and make notes to check things later or add things to my Anki deck. I haven’t done the jail scene yet, but the results for 0:00-9:45 look like this, mistakes and all: :sweat_smile:


Great, thanks! I’ve got to get a bigger notebook and do this myself!

Today I had only started with these questions from their dad:
Be’ 'di chi bod gnewd?
Ble 'di chi bod?
(not sure they’re right)

And this attempt, still to figure out:
A chael (anteros?!) o hwyl (“We were having so much fun” in the subtitles)

I’m afraid I won’t have time to do it on this episode before it’s gone. But I certainly will with the others.
But please let me know the recipe! :wink: