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Great Kids' TV shows for Beginners - Deian a Loli & More!


I already caught fflem cant o blant and dŵr toiled… ick! Washing down the phlegm of a hundred children with toilet water. Mmmmm… :nauseated_face:


That’s so cool! I look forward to the new episode, whenever it comes out. :grinning:


It won’t be on 'til next year - still lots of filming and SFX for the whole series to get through yet! - but I’ll try and remember to let you all know once we have transmission dates confirmed :wink:


Great, thanks @siaronjames! The show is a delight, I am happy to watch any episodes I can. :smile:


Thanks Sasha, I keep telling the team they’ve got a big fan-base on this forum! :smiley:


I wasn’t able to get the whole recipe, some words were over my head, but it went something like this:

Uwd oer… ferwi gyda llaeth… gyda saws poo-poo gwylan, a fflem cant o blant.

As Deian said… “Ych a fi!”


Thanks! :laughing:
Although now I’ve just eaten and I think I’ll re-read it tomorrow. :nauseated_face: :rofl:


Yeah, you’d best wait then! I know the English for the missing bits from the subtitles, and that information most certainly will not help matters at the moment! :rofl::nauseated_face:


@gisella-albertini @sasha-lathrop

I finally remembered to peek at the actual script for you. :wink:

Uwd oer, wedi ca’l ei ferwi ‘da lla’th llygod mawr.
Gyda saws pw pw gwylan a fflem cant o blant.


Wow @siaronjames, thank you! That is so cool, and I was able to pick out a lot of it while I was watching! Yay… and disgusting! :rofl:


Ha! Great to have the exact recipe, right @sasha-lathrop? :rofl:

I suspected there should be llygod involved, because I know a band that has that in the name and I tend to say that instead of eyes :grin: (can’t remember how to spell it)
However I hadn’t been able to catch it when I had seen the episode and I had no chance to see it again!
However Sasha had done great in understanding!


I saw in the English subtitles (which I finally looked at on my fifth time through) that there was a llygod mawr involved after translating the rat’s milk part, only I still couldn’t force my ears to hear it! :smile:


Possibly andros o hwyl? - I looked up andros in the GPC after hearing it used a few times in some of Beca’s interviews in the sense of “a lot” - it’s glossed as “a devil”, which can sometimes work in the same sense in English too - “and having a devil of a good time / a lot of fun”.


Yes, totally makes sense, thanks!

So many everyday life expressions you can learn listening to these and random things on tv, radio and people speaking!


I can’t find the recent episodes of Deian a Loli anymore, only the first season is showing up now. So so sad. :broken_heart:


The clic/iplayer catchups are usually only there for 35 days after the transmission of the programme - so if the first season is being repeated on TV, those will be on catchup for 35days after each programme, but if the recent series finished more than 35 days ago, they won’t be there until the series get repeated.

But don’t despair! A brand new series is on the way - I think it starts with a Christmas special, so not long to go! :wink:


Yay, let’s take note of the dates of the new series, @sasha-lathrop! :wink:

I’ve understood it’s always better to keep an eye on the list of available shows. I’ve realized I’ve missed a few episodes of Rhannu! :neutral_face:


Thanks for the update! I feel much better now. The last episode I saw was Chadair Idris and I loved loved loved it, and I hope the last season will be available again later too so I can watch it and Plismon Plant again and again! I can hardly wait for Christmas now! :smile: Let’s definitely keep an eye out @gisella-albertini :wink:


Yeah it was great!
My all time favourite guest character, however, is still lleidr lleisiau, that’s my kind of guy! :laughing:


Ahhh, I must have missed one…! In fact, I think I remember missing at least one, there was someone with socks… I was going to see if there were any I had missed out on last night… So I really, REALLY hope those episodes will come back now! :sweat_smile: