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Great Kids' TV shows for Beginners - Deian a Loli & More!


I can’t remember which series it was on. Certainly with the new actors, and one of the first episodes I’ve seen. Maybe @siaronjames knows.
Found this pic around the web, for identification!


I’ll try and remember to ask the team when I’m back at the office. I haven’t worked on it myself and haven’t seen any of the programmes :open_mouth:


Ooohhhh yeeaaahhhhh! I remember him! I just didn’t remember the name, so diolch o galon for the photo! He was great, I loved that episode too! I watched it two or three times hahaha.


You haven’t seen ANY of them? Wow, you are in for a real treat when you do! :heartpulse:


ah, but I share an office with the production crew, so although I haven’t watched the programmes, I see a lot more than you think! :wink:


Haha, I can imagine! I wasn’t wholly sure where you worked, I’ve been meaning to ask because I was getting the impression you are tantalizingly close to the magic!


I work for Cwmni Da, the same TV company but I work on different shows :slight_smile: . Keep an eye on the credits for Garddio a Mwy and Rhannu (and coming up in the near future, the Snowdon Marathon Highlights and a Meic Stevens documentary!) :wink:


Thanks for pointing me in the direction of some new shows! I haven’t watched them yet, but I opened them and they were working so I will be checking them out in a bit. :slight_smile:


Diolch yn fawr @sasha-lathrop!
I will be taking a look at all of your recommendations as soon as possible :smile:


Croeso! I hope you enjoy them! Even though the newer season of Deian a Loli is not online right now, season 1 is still there and it is also delightful. Have fun! :smile:


I just finished Garddio a Mwy and I loved it so much! I am definitely going to watch that many times while it is still online! I watched it with Welsh subtitles this first time, though I didn’t look at them all that much, and I am thrilled with how much I understood. In the part about the trees at the beginning, I felt my cat stiffen in recognition while I was holding him when he heard the words, “mynd am dro…” He was in the process of trying to convince me to take him outside for a walk at the time, and he definitely got his hopes up! Poor little guy, I made him wait, but I’ll be taking him out now. :joy:

Thanks again @siaronjames for telling me about these shows! I found your name at the end in the credits, so awesome! Great work, lovely show. :grinning::paw_prints::seedling::herb::honeybee::hibiscus::deciduous_tree:


@sasha-lathrop @gisella-albertini

If you haven’t found it yet, the Deian a Loli Christmas special is now available on S4C-clic / BBCiPlayer :wink:

…and the final of Rhannu is on tonight, so should be on the catch-ups soon too :slight_smile:


Yaaaayyyy! Thank you so much for the update @siaronjames! I look forward to seeing them both! @Camilla_Walker told me to be on the lookout for a Christmas special from Deian a Loli! I am so excited! :sunny::smile:


I hadn’t noticed it, thanks! :smiley:
And I’ll be waiting for Rhannu too! :slight_smile:


I am soooooo excited to see Plismon Plant has returned for a short time :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The other recent episodes I have seen have been excellent, simply delightful as ever :revolving_hearts:


thanks a lot for all this information which, unfortunately, I can’t seem to access from Australia. I managed to see one babies programme (my Welsh level) but got stuck when trying to access more. (I am technologically challenged.)

I will keep trying though. Take care and greetings to all from Aus.


Hi Sarah,

@sasha-lathrop is in the USA and I’m in Italy. So if we can see them, it means they’re available worldwide and you can see them too!

They’re not available all the time, but they are on right now (“A’r Fisged Olaf” episode, only one day left, but if you miss it don’t worry too much it will come back)

You need to register to this site:

You can find the list of the programmes available worldwide here:

If it doesn’t work, get in touch with S4C, they always answer and solve problems quickly!


Oh my, just realized I’ve probably missed a few episodes of the new series.:confused:
How many are they, @siaronjames?

And there’s a new generation of actors, too!

And most useful of all, Cymraeg subs too! :+1::+1:


I’m not sure how many were in the last series - I’m not in the loop now we’re working from home and can’t check those files from here either. I’m sure whatever’s available will be repeated again though - bit tricky making new ones at the moment and S4C will have to show something!


I’ll make sure to keep an eye on what’s on. Luckily there’s still 4 available, so I can start from these!