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Guidance please


Hello everyone, first time contributor alert!!

Obviously it goes without saying that we all love Aran and Catrin for their help with these courses. I’m currently on Level 2-Session 2 and “yet” seems to have morphed from “hyd yn hyn” to “eto” which, of course, I’d always known as “again”. Is this simply one of the infrequent mistakes that they acknowledge exist sometimes or is it because the focus of the lesson has changed to multiple people? Any help advice would be greatly appreciated and thanks to everyone involved in the modules as you’ve changed my approach from, “I’ll try to learn Welsh one day” into, “Today’s the day!” admittedly with mixed success!


Hi Dave

Welcome to contributing to the forum. I believe The courses were developed at different times, so do sometimes switch between words/forms. Hyd yn hyn is in my opinion harder to get your head around than eto, but they are quite similar. As always don’t worry about it.
Hyd yn hyn is more like the English, “along the way” or “so far”.
Eto is more like yet in English, but also means again.


Y Ddraig Las,

That’s helped me greatly (and very quickly) so ta very much; sometimes it’s difficult to grasp certain things on the course without any accompanying explanation but I guess that’s what this forum is for. Thanks so much again and as Aran would say, “Now let’s get back to the game!”.



Eto is much like “encore” in French - meaning both “again” and “yet”.



Thanks very much for this, you’ve both been a huge help!


It’s a variant, rather than a mistake (very careful use of language there… :wink: ).

Depends a bit on where you heard which of them, but it’s probably either about an alternative translation slipping in at some point (aka forgetting what I’d used previously) or a deliberate switch over to a different version so that you get the extra range. But it’s not triggered by any specific difference such as ‘speaking to more people’ or anything like that - you can go ahead and use hyd yn hyn all the time, and you’ll just get used to understanding when you hear people say ‘eto’… :slight_smile:



Brilliant stuff and “variant” works for me!!! I ought to have explained that I’m studying the North version so apologies for that. Once more, could I thank everyone involved in producing these courses as they’ve worked wonders for many people?



Can ‘eto’ also be used as ‘still (happening, for example)’, in the same way as encore?


yes, it can :slight_smile: