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I got quite a bit of Welsh harp music from here:


Brill thanks for those tips. Have ordered 101 alawon while i browse the Morley harps Cymraeg section :grinning:


I too have fallen for the charms of the harp as part of my Welsh learning journey. I’ve been teaching myself since February (well trying). ONe day I hope to do it justice. Who’s self teaching & who is taking “proper” lessons? I’m wondering whether I should look into formal lessons.


That is one BEAUTIFUL harp…trying not to be jealous :wink:


I’ve been renting that model since I started learning last summer and fell in love with it so decided to buy one! The great thing is that they’re all handmade to order and the craftsmanship is stunning. Check out their website
I also love that I’m supporting a Welsh business which is more important than ever.


So I did start having one-to-one lessons with the only harp teacher in my area. They were great but like anything difficult to fit in around work. Also the pandemic has stopped them so I found an online course:
The course is structured weekly but you can do the lessons anytime. There is homework in which you film yourself playing for dedicated feedback and that works well. Even though you pay up front it’s actually much cheaper than paying for weekly lessons. I’m sure there are other free sources around and I know there are lots of videos on YouTube but this course takes you from absolute beginner to the harp and music notation/theory.


Thank you Michael I’ll take a look at both links. I did make enquiries about lessons with local teacher but £30 an hour is a bit much for me at the moment.


@carin-harris i would recommend getting some formal lessons to get you going. I tried to teach myself for a year then started having lessons. My teacher was horrified by my terrible technique and i pretty much had to start again! I stayed with a teacher until i got to an intermediately level, and now am just learning by myself. £30 a lesson is the cheapest I could find, it is such an expensive hobby!!


Thanks Emma I’m def thinking that is a good idea to get the best out of the experience. I have a teacher who is only a few miles from me luckily so will make some enquiries after lockdown.


Most, if not all, music teachers have had to diversify since the pandemic struck. I’ve had several online piano lessons via Skype which have been great. You can use your music stand (or tower of books!) for your iPad or laptop which can be correctly positioned so your teacher can see you. Most people use FaceTime, Zoom, MS teams etc - there are loads of options. If you have extra time now you might want to take advantage and email around. I’m sure you’ll get a positive response given that work for musicians is scarce right now. Also, they may actually be cheaper! Pob lwc!


Thanks Michael, appreciate the great suggestions. I’ve never done a skype lesson, sounds like a good work-around at the moment. All the best fellow harpists :slight_smile:


I see michael went for the harlequin version!

Here’s mine in black walnut. Arrives next week at laaast!


Hi Michael
Same here. With travel restrictions still in placea and it being a 300 mile drive each way I decided to postpone my visit until later in the year. I posted a pic of my Eos at the end of the thread. Llongifarchiad on your lovely harlequin Eos!

Edit: Doh! Had forgotten how these threads work!


Wow! That looks lovely! I was torn between the harlequin and the black walnut for a long time but went for a mix in the end!
Mine is hopefully being delivered next week too! I ordered in September and it wasn’t far off being delivered in March but the pandemic halted that! So very glad to be finally getting it!

Llongyfarchiadau i chi hefyd :smiley:


Llawer o diolch!

Haha I nearly went for the harlequin!! Decided on a lighter shade of black walnut to show off the grain.

Ordered mine in May last year! Started learning welsh as soon as I knew I wanted to start learning the harp. Had a few family difficulties intervene and didnt complete the 6month course. Now just re-started that as well as using Duolingo for added practice.

Knee deep in music theory at the moment.

I love Christy-Lyn’s videos on youtube. There are so many harp resources on there. Have got Sylvia Woods Learning the Folk Harp and Fun from the First by Milligan for self-study. Currently trying to finalise some skype tuition to help me avoid self-taught beginner mistakes.

Dw i’n caru’r telyn cymraeg!


If you’re looking for excellent and affordable tuition, I can strongly recommend
I’m just over half way through the level 1 course (week 7/12) and I learnt this today:
It’s an absolutely fantastic course which is based around technique and music theory. I was a total novice on the harp before I started and it is excellent! I cannot recommend it enough. I’ve already learnt some nice little Welsh tunes too


Da iawn ti! I will definitely check out startharp. How much time do you devote daily to practice?


I struggle because I’m a doctor but you should aim for about 15-20 mins a day.
I don’t manage that and sometimes spend a good few hours of an evening or a day off catching up but it really is worth it.
Individual hourly lessons cost £30-40 so paying for all 12 upfront really is good value, particularly with the early bird discount.

Pob lŵc!


WOW! Jealous much :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the shared resources, & the pictures of such beautiful harps.
Thought to share this page I found whilst looking for harp related things, it has links to free sheet music for harp: