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Have you spread the word about SSiW today? Diolch! (and sorry!)


Who would have known that one of the people who makes the pizzas in Asda, Wrexham, is Cornish and learnt a bit of Cornish in school and would love to learn more. She is now in possession of an SSiW card and is going to try the SSiC course.

She also makes a mean pizza. :slight_smile:


The young girl who has been helping in the village shop told me that she has started trying to learn a bit of Welsh. Her sister goes to university in Wales and has some Welsh-speaking friends. I wrote the URL of the website on a bit of paper and she said that she would have a look. It would be fun if she turned up here some day.


That’s a genuinely unexpected one right there, @gruntius - outstanding work! :star2:

Sue, thank you so much - hugely appreciated! Let’s hope we see her here at some point :slight_smile: :star:


I see SSiW new 6 month course gets advertised in Parallel Cymru this week!


I’m on the bus on rhe way home from London after almost a fortnight with my parents, including a week with my mum in Florence. The couple in front of me are Chinese and she works in Blackwood, Caerffili, as a Mandarin teacher. She only knows the very basics of Cymraeg. She now knows about this wonderful website called…


Diolch yn fawr iawn i ti, Margaret! :star: :star2:


I mentioned SSiW to a fellow learner at a Clwb Finyl event this morning.


Diolch Conor! :star:


Dim problem croeso :grinning:


I must say that the promotional video for the 6 Month course is very professionally put together and a great sharing tool. I have it on my Facebook feed with a short personal explanation.


Really appreciate that, John - diolch yn fawr iawn i ti! :star: :star2:


Opportunities to spread the word come up in the most surprising places. After an afternoon of viewing houses in Gwynedd (I still live in Greater Manchester but I’ll be moving soon), I decided to view some potential “next visit” houses externally before heading home.

I found myself looking at a house in Clwt-y-Bont, near Deiniolen, which I had assumed was very strongly Welsh-speaking (like the other villages and towns I had spent the last few hours in). I was wearing my Welsh-speaking head to the extent that English actually felt a bit odd to hear.

Well, whilst surveying the garden from the road, it seemed right to explain what I was doing to a guy who was at the front of his house. So I explained how I was doing a quick external look at the house for sale just down the road from him (in Welsh, of course) and he apologised (in English) for not speaking Welsh. He confirmed my view that it was a “very Welsh” area, but I had found an exception.

Well, the guy knew a few words, but gave the familiar account about it being hard and needing to try … so obviously I advised him to Google for SSiW and blew my trumpet a bit about how it had worked for me and a lot of people I know about in the SSiW community. Hopefully he might follow up on my advice.


So, I was at the local community farm in Warwickshire, England today, eating packed lunch after the work morning, and the pick up had just started. I recognized someone who came to pick up his veg as a local welsh speaker so I tried out my very bad welsh with him.

Then the two other people I was sitting with started to say – they’re speaking in welsh! And it turns out that one of them grew up speaking welsh but left Wales aged 10 and hasn’t spoken it since, but is open to re-learning – and the other has welsh-speaking sister in law and can already say a few words. So we talked about how I was learning through SSiW, and about the possibility of meeting up at a local garden centre for a cup of tea and I think we managed to get at least one of them signed up to SSiW.


What a lovely story! Serendipity at its finest… :slight_smile: :star2:


Been on a guided tour of Cynheidre today, yn Gymraeg, and had two people ask where I had learned my excellent Welsh. SSIW got it’s fair share of promotion.


Diolch o galon i ti, Margaret :slight_smile:


In the legion in Nairn tonight for the launch of an Album by local musicians ( Galileo’s Fan ) and afterwards went upstairs to the regulars bar. Got into a blether with a former Royal Naval petty officer from Welsh town very close to the border with England. He said one of his biggest regrets was not learning welsh. Then I threw some SSiW at him, Siarad Cymraeg and a few other things - he took it all on board instantly. Got the phone app out and went to SSiW level 1 lesson 4 - yeah no probs. Told him he had perfect grounding to blank out his biggest regret and explained a bit about the system used here. This is the second time in this wee Highland town that I’ve bumped into someone that has remnants of school Welsh and could so easily move forward in no time at all. Makes me wonder who else is out there.


Did you do this? The :neutral_face:


Someone from Wales overran you for a successful try? There’s an online Welsh course you should…’


Ah, QR - no, that rather passed us by. Maybe it’ll get back to front-and-centre one of these days… :wink:

I share your curiosity! I think when we can afford to advertise on a consistently loss-leading basis, we’ll start to find that there is interest in all sorts of places we wouldn’t think about right now… and diolch yn fawr for spreading the word in the Old North! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: