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Have you spread the word about SSiW today? Diolch! (and sorry!)


My partner – who still isn’t learning Welsh, although she has now conceded that if the children pick up enough of any Romance language to stop those being useful for keeping secrets, she may yet wind up having to – went for a drink with a colleague after work today, and in the pub was a woman we know who was holding a Brazilian Portuguese conversation class there. And among this group there was, apparently, a polyglot or would-be polyglot (“someone like you,” my partner said), learning Portuguese after previously having dabbled with Serbo-Croat. Apparently his wife is Welsh, and he’d tried his hand at learning Serbo-Croat after having given up on Welsh because it was too hard.

“Aha!” I said to my partner, when she told me this. “Did you…?”

“I did,” she said.

So my partner – still not learning Welsh – just told a Brazilian acquaintance about SSiW, in the hope that she’ll pass it on to one of her Portuguese learners. If an Oxford-based person turns up here in a few weeks’ time saying something about Portuguese and Serbo-Croat, well, you heard it here first :slight_smile:


And these are the moments of joy which fuel everything we do… :star: :star2:


I met with our new landlord in Cardiff who is “struggling to learn spanish at my age cos of all the grammar and all that”. I said that I am learning welsh with SSiW and tha there is SSi Spanish too. I explained the process and I think him and his wife will be having a go soon :smiley:


Awesome work - diolch o galon! :star: :star2:


I collected my daughter from a local-ish railway station and visited the “Siop Chips” on her behalf. The staff were English speaking, but I threw in some Welsh niceties of conversation, just to remind people gently of where we all are. The lady who served me said she wanted to learn Welsh “but …” . I stopped here there and said “Just 4 words … and Google is your friend here” “Say Something in Welsh”. She said she would look.

Well, chance would have it that I had forgotten to obtain a fork. So I went BACK into the chip shop about a minute or two later and asked nicely for a fork. And I also asked if she had remembered the Four Easy Words. Well, she said something like "Start speaking Welsh … " or something. Similar idea but NOT THE SAME. I gently coaxed her back on track with “Say Something in Welsh” and assured her that she would remember these words better the second time around. Spaced Repetition, yeah?

In a few days/weeks I will go back and get more chips. Hopefully I find the same person on shift. If so, more spaced repetition. She will remember me as "The Guy who Says Say Something in Welsh
". I should get some cards to hand out too, I think!


Superb work - diolch o galon i ti, Bob! :star: :star2:


Mentioned this elsewhere, but last Sunday night when a big group of us were having dinner at the Bachgen Du, a youngish couple squeezed onto the table with @PhilgJones, me and a couple of others. The guy was from South Wales, and felt bad about never having learnt Welsh. His wife was English and wanted to learn for work. Suffice it to say they were subjected to a four-pronged attack telling them that THE way to go was SSiW :sweat_smile:


:star: :star2:

I think it might take the Bachgen Du a while to get over party/bootcamp week… :wink: