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Hay-on-Wye LAST stop ...SSiW Days Out postponed 🌧


Great day out, meeting new and old friends and some inspiring locals. People are coming from across Wales and beyond to take part, and you’ll see why if you can get to one of @nia.llywelyn’s days out in future!


Thank you for the lovely day out, @nia.llywelyn! Sorry we had to rush off so quickly but our parking ticket was about to expire. :grimacing: Looking forward to Machynlleth next month!

P.S. @gisella-albertini, we’ll be in Turin the week of October 14th if you’re around. :wink:


Diolch yn fawr @nia.llywelyn, everyone who came, and everyone who was kind enough to speak to us! Yes, there was lots I didn’t understand but I still enjoyed it! :slight_smile: It was especially nice to talk with Nesta - a real Welsh speaker at last! :slight_smile: I had a lovely day, thank you! :slight_smile:


For the SSiW days out in Italy series? Taking note! :wink:
(we can get in touch via Forum (in case someone else can join) and pm in October for details)


Machynlleth will be a much busier place on the 28th of September due to Gŵyl Glyndŵr but we’ll have a SSiW day out tailored for you.

More details about Gŵyl Glyndŵr coming soon… but we know Bryn Fôn bach ( his acwstic band) will be performing at The Snooker Room/ Owain Glyndŵr centre in the evening if you want to make arrangements to stay over.
If enough make a weekend of it we could arrange to meet up on the Sunday as well at CAT ( Centre for Alternative Technology Centre) and perhaps get a simple welsh guided tour.


In less than 4 weeks and counting…


Well, now I’ve got a clearer idea of my September schedule and plans, it looks like SSiW Days Out and Machynlleth need to be postponed to later, unfortunately!
But of course it’s in my list, along with Aberystwyth area (@HuwJones) and the Gogledd that @BronwenLewis was heavily promoting when I happened to talk to to her a few days ago! :wink:


I’ve put the Machynlleth meeting in my diary. I had hoped to make it to Blaenau, but a last minute change of plan meant I couldn’t be there. I’m glad it went well.


I’m fairly hopeful I’ll be able to make it this time. Definitely interested in CAT – I’d been planning to ride up on Friday and go there myself in the afternoon, but could potentially stay for Sunday (morning, at least) instead if there’s going to be a group visit.


I will be coming Nia and plan to get somewhere to stay over so that I can go to the Bryn Fon session. I’ll obviously join you on Sunday if that goes ahead


Are you aware Nia, where to get tickets for Bryn Fon? I’ve hunted the Web and not found anywhere yet


These people speak Welsh
And found this one @clare-6 but unsure if they speak welsh
and of course Ann McGarry does Air B &B : 35 Heol Pentrerhedyn
SY20 8DJ
01654 703755, she has learnt Welsh and @BronwenJones has been staying with Ann recently.

@lornarhodes has details of Teleri who lives in Llanwrin as well.


They’re not out yet @clare-6 We have top secret information :joy:

But they will be sold at Caffi Alys. if you phone ( i ymarfer Cymraeg!) and say you’re with our group Gail should be okay to hold the tickets for us


Thank you Nia


Sadly, I will have to give Machynlleth a miss on this occasion - I have an assignation with my wife down in London and even the attraction of joining with all you wonderful people doesn’t surpass that… :wink:


And they even serve vegan food in Machynlleth @robert-gee :joy:


Get your ticket early by phoning Caffi Alys 01654703336 or
And remember to speak in Welsh on the phone

Ga i brynu tocyn /dau docyn i noson Bryn Fôn plîs/ ogydd :slight_smile:


I know! I went to Ty Medi and they were very helpful and have lots of Vegetarian and Vegan options! :smiley:
I’ll be back…


I will be coming @nia.llywelyn! My train arrives on Saturday at 10:45 so I probably won’t get to the café until 11am - I hope that will be OK?! :slight_smile:


We’ll get someone to pick you up @Cetra, VIP style :smile: