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Hay-on-Wye LAST stop ...SSiW Days Out postponed 🌧


Wow! That would be wonderful! Diolch yn fawr iawn! :slight_smile:


Great idea! Where/when will the Oct/Nov/Dec days out be taking place? Can’t get to any before then - and I’m rather unlikely to contribute much to the conversation before then, as I am only on week 1 of the 6 month course!


Wherabouts do you live @Jackie ?
October 12, Bethesda
November 16, Llundain (London)
December 7, San Ffagan ( Cardiff)
January 18, Aberystwyth


I’m in Ferryside. I might get to the Cardiff day out - I love St Fagins and haven’t been for absolutely ages!


Oh well done @Jackie. @victoriab-severnwye live in Glanyfferi , perhaps you could get together for a chat sometime


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Week today, I hope to see some of you in Machynlleth.
If some of you, like me wish to attend this event at 5pm, I’ve been told it’s not possible to book ahead so we’ll have to get there early @clare-6 @Cetra @Natalia


Great. Thank you Nia. We shall occupy the naughty corner for us all good and early!




Great, thank you! It’s looking like a fun packed day! :slight_smile:


5 days to go, who’s coming?


Me! :slight_smile: Mor gyffrous!


I’m in!

(although currently debating whether to camp and combine with a trip to CAT, or day-trip it. Today’s weather forecast somewhat points to the latter…)


I’ll be there!


@thomasd There won’t be a group visit to CAT unfortunately on the Sunday because I haven’t had a reply from the person I hoped would have taken us around.

But if anybody fancies a visit to Pennal on Sunday let me know , more connections with Owain Glyndŵr and the burial place of Lleucu Llwyd


What about staying in a B&B?


Pennal would be nice - I’m happy to do anything, as long as I have to try to speak in Welsh! :slight_smile:


Pryd mae tren ti’n cyrraedd @Cetra?


Hi Nia, mae’r tren cyrraedd am 10:44 :slight_smile: