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Hello I am new


I am brand new here, I am a nurse working in the NHS we are being actively encouraged to learn Welsh if we are not able. So here I am ready willing and I hope able :grin:


Wonderful and welcome. We have a few NHS types floating about.
It’s lovely to have you on board!


Croeso ( welcome) Sandra.
If you want to learn to speak Welsh, you came to the right place.
If you have any questions come here, there’s always someone to help or explain.
Enjoy your Welsh learning journey. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @sandra-lloyd-phillip. I’m a nurse working in the NHS too. Where are you? I’m sure your patients will appreciate your efforts. I’m in Carmarthenshire working for Hywel Dda.


Thank you for the warm welcome x I am excited to start learning x


I live in Aberdare, work in YYF Anaerin Bevan Health Board, :grin:


I’m new too!!!


Welcome, Emma! :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard!


Hi Sandra… I’m also pretty new to this whole learning Welsh thing. I was absolutely RUBBISH at French & Spanish at school… Total failure!
I had the need to learn Welsh because I moved here in August last year… Someone told me about SSIW & I thought I’d give it a try… expecting to fail… again!!!
BUT I have to admit, this style of learning is totally different to school techniques.
I’m on week 5 now… I can’t believe that I can actually string a few sentences together… That NEVER happened in French & Spanish. The way this is taught is amazing… The fact that they keep telling you… MAKE MISTAKES… DON’T EXPECT IT TO HAPPEN OVER NIGHT… etc… really works for me… I attend a coffee morning here in the village & ask the oldies there to listen to me & see if they understand what I’m saying… I wish you loads of luck with this challenge… I often feel tempted to back track & go over a previous weeks work… but they keep telling you DON’T… it all falls into place… & it really does start to…


Welcome to all new here. About all was said already so I’ll just say that you’re at the right place at the right time and even if it feels you don’t go anywhere regarding your learning … oooo yes! you do go steadily to the success! so keep on learning things the way you were told to do. If you need help, you know where to come and ask … on here of course.

Tatjana :slight_smile:


Thank you for all the warm welcomes! I am not new to SSIW as did all the old courses before going to college for exams- yes exams. I did very well and have to say when faced with grammatical issues recalling SSIW work i coukd work out what was right! So ‘dal ati’ keep at it. Trust in it entirely it really does work .i am back as revision over the summer and cant wait to start.