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Help with 'chi'


Any tips for improving pronunciation of ‘ch’?

Generally I’m ok with it and in fact two of my favourite phrases to say are ‘ychydig o ffrindiau’ & ‘bach yn arafach’.

My difficulty comes when there are two instances of ‘ch’ very close together as in ‘eich plant chi’. For me to do a nice ‘ch’ requires plenty of air and no dryness in the back of the throat; in ‘eich plant chi’ I can do the first ‘ch’ properly but the throat doesn’t recover in time for the second so it comes out as ‘hi’!

Is this something that improves with practice or do I have to resign myself to not being able to pronounce phrases like this at normal talking speed ( I can do it if I say it really slowly but the effect is a bit comical).

Maybe I’m just being picky but I want to get it right and I’m also thinking people maybe won’t understand what I’m trying to say if the ‘ch’ isn’t quite there.

My poor english throat can get very ‘blino’ in Level 2 challenge 1.



Don’t worry @tim-30. If you make a sound anything at all similar to ‘chi’, the person listening to you will hear ‘chi’ and there will be no confusion. Experienced speakers will know that the only word making sense there will be ‘chi’ so that’s what they will hear.

And you will gradually get better with practice. When I first started learning Welsh I always had to have a cup of tea first to moisten my throat enough to get the ‘ch’ sound out. I was convinced that was why some Welsh people seem to drink a lot of tea :joy: but I got better at it over time.


Excellent excuse for a paned!

That’s where I’m going wrong; not enough tea.

Diolch yn fawr iawn.