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Hi Mhairi. Yes, since I last saw you @siaronjames has changed the night of the Dangos a Dweud hangout on Slack from Friday to Monday. Still at 7pm, though, and still as good as ever.

I’m around till the end of the month. Quite busy but I’m sure I can find time to squeeze in a scwrs.


I am free on Fridays in September, and some Thursdays, if that is any good?



I’ve been off the radar for about 6 months now, but trying hard to catch up with my Welsh - although I’m still back and forwards between Herts and Northants a lot of the time working on our canal boat. Is anyone still meeting in the Herts/Beds/Bucks area? If so, where and when? If I know that there is a meeting I’ll try to get there if I’m in Herts.



Hi Cath, we don’t have a set date for a meet-up. We have done Thursday or Friday lunch time in Chesham. I would be happy to have a meet-up if anyone is free sometime.


Hi, I’d like to do this, but it looks like my Thursdays and Fridays are busy for a couple of weeks. I might be able to do it later in the month. I will get back.


Hi, is anyone available this coming Thursday (14th November) at lunchtime. I could meet up with anyone who fancies a chat.

Where do you meet?

Cheers, Cath.


I am free on Thursday. We have usually met in Roots in Chesham but I am happy to travel further afield.
@Catriona, @jackie-butler are you around?


Excellent, what time? Where is the best place to park?



Fingers crossed I might be able to get there. Let me know the time


So, lunchtime. I will be there from 12 pm if anyone else is able to get there then.



I will be there. I will try to spot you! The town car park is right by the high street where the cafe is.


Excellent, see you there.



Hi everyone
Sorry to say that I had to stop learning Welsh to look after a family member.
Hope all is well with you all; enjoy your meet up.


Sorry to hear that Jackie.

I hope that you will be able to take it up again at some point. Good luck.


Prynhawd da!

Just a quick note to let all SSiW meet-up group organisers and coordinators, know that I have taken responsibility for the weekly email over from Deborah. So if you have any updated information about the group you’re responsible for, please let me know and I’ll ensure the correct info goes in the email. Diolch! :slight_smile:


Thank you, @CatrinLliarJones. Unfortunately, we tend to look at our diaries at the end of each meeting and find a date a majority of us can make, rather than sticking to a regular time - not very helpful in terms of your email.

If anyone else in the area is interested, please do let us know and we will do our best to keep you informed. If the group grows, then we will no doubt settle into a more regular routine.


Diolch @Catriona!

Would you like me to put something in the email for you? Or leave it till you get something more solid established? Emails go out Tuesday mornings, so if you usually let me know Monday evenings at the latest, then that should be OK. :slight_smile:


In that case I can tell you that the next two meetings are this Friday 24th January at 10:30, and Monday 10th February at midday. Both will be in Roots Cafe, 22a High Street, Chesham HP5 1EP
Thank you @CatrinLliarJones!


Hi Jackie, I am sorry I didn’t reply sooner. I am sorry to hear about your family member, it was great meeting you and I hope to see you again one day. Lots of love to you and your family.


We’ve arranged bout next meeting for Monday 24th February at midday in Roots cafe Chesham. All welcome!