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I can’t make it on Thursday, but I am free on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th July if you have another meet up then. Have fun.


Can we set up another date - either in Chesham or in Berkhamsted? @cathfincher? @mhairi-mason? @jackie-butler?

Of the days Mhairi suggests, Friday 12th would be better for me than Thursday 11th.


I should be fine for Friday 12th in Chesham. I might have to bring a voice amplifier to reach normal talk level; I hope no-one would mind me doing that.


Apologies but I have childcare on 12th (dw’i n tyfu ymlaen felly dw i di anghofio) but could make 18th or 19th.


I can do 19th. I can do 12th as well if anyone wants to.


At the moment, I could still do either or both. (Sorry about the slow reply - I have been having problems connecting with the Forum, which seem to have been fixed now.)


Just let me know if you want to meet on the 12th.


Hi @mhairi-mason. I asked my friend Gina, whom you met before, but unfortunately she can’t make either date (mamgu duties). So I am happy to do whichever of 12th/19th suits you better.


Let’s do the 19th so Jackie can join us. I am happy to travel to wherever suits everyone best.


Sure. For now I’ll assume we’re meeting at Roots, Chesham at noon again, unless I hear that others would prefer elsewhere. I am pretty flexible too.


12 noon at Roots is good for me.


Lovely scwrs yesterday - look forward to next time.

@cathfincher - we’re worried about you! Are you still stranded on your boat (albeit, Jac says, in a really beautiful part of the country)?


It was indeed scwrs hyfryd ddoe; I really enjoyed it AND how good was the chocolate cake? I should’ve bought more slices :slight_smile: I’m going to Chesham this week on Thursday or Friday, flexible on time. Is anyone available for a chat?


I’ve got a meeting in Chesham on Thursday that starts at 1 and will probably go on till 3:30 or 4, so I could possibly do a brief chat before or afterwards


Before would be great. 1200hrs at Roots? Thanks so much for the information about the scripts; I have them :smile:


I can meet you at Roots 12-1 on Thursday. See you then.


I’ll pop in, but it will be a short visit!


I need to have a 30 minute conversation in Welsh, no English allowed, for my challenge this week on the 6 month intensive course. Hopefully we can fit that in before you have to leave Catriona.


Byddan, yn sicr :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi everyone, the summer holidays are over and I am back in Chesham. Are you free for a meetup soon? Also, Cat, you mentioned a Show and Tell hangout on a Friday. Where do I find that? I can see a link for a Monday Show and tell on Slack WSP but not Friday. Just trying to keep all my options open.