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How to set up and record using Clyp-it


Da iawn @sandy-mather! That first word is just for you to practise using the recording software and hearing yourself speaking Welsh, so it doesn’t need to go anywhere specific. When you reach the ‘sentences’ task, you’ll be given a link to the place on the forum where the recording goes.


Diolch @ Deborah-SSi! I had to laugh when you said, hearing yourself, because it sounds like I’m speaking underwater :rofl: At least my Welsh friends in the village say they can understand me :slight_smile:
Diolch eto!


Week 8 has asked me to use Clyp-it

I’ve now tried to confirm my email address - it keeps going back to unverified. I can’t record a sound file as it tells me that access to the microphone is denied.

I give up!


What device are you using @caroline-perry? PC, iPhone /iPad, or something else?

Rich :slight_smile:


We’re really, really close to the new SSi Recording Tool now @caroline-perry so don’t put any time into trying to get Clyp-it working. Just skip the recording bits for now.


Thank you! - I’ll ignore it then for now


Thanks for trying Rich. I got further than I had before and learned how to do the recording on my phone anyway.


OK - out of interest where did you get stuck?
Rich :slight_smile:


Clyp it, is a bit weird but I managed to add a word in Challenge 8 and I have just done the sentence for Challenge 9. Looking forward to finding out about the new SSiw way of recording though @Deborah-SSi. Have a good week all!


Diolch am fawr Deborah. I feel like an idiot, now managed to record on my phone but have failed with clyp. I think I will wait until SSIW have their own system. Sorry to be a pain.!


SSi does have the Recording Tool for the Welsh course and it should be showing up automatically in your weekly emails when required.

I’ve just seen your email to Admin and sent you a new copy of the Week 11 email so you can see it there.