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How to set up and record using Clyp-it



Set up a account

Go to and click on ‘Sign up’


You may need to verify your email address before you do anything else, by clicking on a link in an email sent to you.

Record your Voice

The next step is to click on ‘Upload a Clip’.


This gives you the choice of uploading a voice file that you’ve created using a different voice recorder and saved somewhere, or recording directly here in

This is what you get when you select the ‘Record’ tab:


To record your voice, click on the big yellow button. You will initially have to give permission to use your microphone:


The yellow circle changes to a square while you record, and you click on that when you’re finished. It will show you the screen below with the number indicating the length of your sound file, and giving you the choice of discarding it or uploading it.


Click on ‘Upload’ and wait for it to finish. You’ll then see a screen where you can add details about your file:


You can leave the file as ‘Public’ or make it ‘Unlisted’ which means that people can’t just find it by searching randomly, but SSiWers can click on the link you post on the forum and listen there.

After clicking on ‘Save’ you will see:


The URL address in the box ‘DIRECT LINK’ is what you then copy and paste into the relevant place in the forum – according to which task you’re doing.

If you’d like a copy of these instructions, just download here Using Clyp-it.pdf (493.1 KB)

And you can find out more about recording and uploading at the Clyp-it FAQ


Diolch yn fawr iawn, @Deborah-SSi


Hi, I’ve been trying to access clip for the last 2 hrs!! Nothing I do will lead me to the Record tab! Help please!!


It will only record in certain browsers.

Recording something first and then uploading it, is an option.

I’ve just tried it on my iPhone - no record tab displays - but I did manage to upload a file I recorded on the phone with no problem.

…what are you using - phone or PC - do you know which browser?

Rich :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’m using iphone and ipad, I think its google browser,


Well because it will take you 3 secs to a fairly guaranteed solution, I’d follow the first step of this guide to record on your phone or iPad.

[Tiny questions with quick answers - continuing thread]

You can then use Clyp-it to load if you want - press the Orange upload button - the file hou’ve recorded will appear - I’ve just tried it and it works no problem.

Rich :slight_smile:


(I can post some screenshots for a ‘step by step’ if it would help)

Rich :slight_smile:


NYes please!! I’m loosing the will to live here!:rofl:


So this is a sequence for an iPhone - I have used Voice Memo because it is a standard App

Find Voice Memos App and record something

The Voice Memos App is in the Utilities folder…

I recorded a file by pressing the record button - I changed the name to Dyma fi

Go to Clyp-it and Load Your Recording
Press the up arrow…

Choose browse…

Choose your file…

Your file will load

Scroll down to find the link…

Copy the link…

The '5 Min' Test- week 18 'SENTENCES' recording **Pink to Red badge** :red_circle: (Awarded Mondays)

Thanks for trying so hard to help, @rich, but we have now had to give up on both SoundCloud and Clyp-it as they give people too many problems.

Our Tech Developer has created our own in-house recording tool, and a small band of brave 6 Minuters are testing it now. Once it’s passed the test, we’ll make it available for general use. Until then, we’re just advising people to do the tasks up to the recording part, then skip it and wait for the new recording tool announcement.


OK. To be honest they all work - pure curiosity has driven me to try them in my tea breaks… But it sounds like we have something better coming down the line…which can only be a good thing!

Rich :slight_smile:


Thanks so much I will try!!!:blush:


Hi @roobat32

@Deborah-SSi is saying ‘hang fire’ - see her post above - so it sounds like you could wait if you want to (i hadn’t quite finished although the original instructions do cover the very end bit I think)

Rich :slight_smile:


Here is my link.


Hi @andrew-graham

Have you copied the Direct Link above? doesn’t look quite right…


Hi @Deborah-SSi, I’m fairly sure I’ve recorded one word but the sound quality isn’t brilliant. I’m not sure where to put it now so that you can listen to it. This is the link: Diolch, Sandy


Can’t access the record button,just takes me to iCloud. Bit fed up with it really. Maybe it’s because I have a very old iPad.


Hi @sylvia-walter

Have you seen this post from ‘higher up’?

Rich :slight_smile:


Don’t have an iPhone. Or very much brain either,it has to be said. But thank you.


( it is the same on the iPad )

Rich :slight_smile: