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How to use Slack/Welsh Speaking Practice


During this period, many of you will want to take greater advantage of our Slack communications platform to keep in touch with other learners, take part in hangouts and have opportunities to practice your Welsh.

So here is an explanation of what it is and some instructions on how to get involved…

Slack / WSP (Welsh Speaking Practice)

Slack is an online communications platform and SSiW have a group on there called Welsh Speaking Practice (WSP). The group is open to anyone of any level who want to practice their Welsh with other learners and members of the SSiW team either via audio, or audio and video links.

You can get slack here.

If you would like to become a member of the Slack WSP community, you need to be ‘invited’ to the group - to do this you simply send an email to with WSP in the title and you’ll be sent an invite.

Once you have Slack/WSP open on your device, down the left hand side, purple coloured navigation bar, you’ll see a list of headings/places you can go to called Channels . When you click on the headings you’ll find yourselves in different channels of conversation. One of them is called Hangouts and this is where you’ll get news of pending video chat sessions and how to get involved in them. If you don’t want to get involved with group chats, you can personally set up one to one video/audio chats. As with the SSiW forum you can also direct/private message other members through Slack.

The slack community is a lively and fun one, with all sorts of interesting online events going on, from singing sessions, to quizzes, to question and answer sessions etc. Once in there, if you’re suddenly feeling overwhelmed or not sure of where to go or what to do next, then please just ask. As with the forum you’ll find the community of learners on there very warm and welcoming and always ready to help.

If you have any difficulties, or if there is anything you don’t quite understand, then please do not hesitate to ask questions in this thread. Pob lwc / Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for this post. I haven’t been active on the forum for a couple of years, and so many things have changed. Then I found the Slack channels mentioned in a couple of places, and was just coming back now to ask how to access them, when I saw you had already answered my question.


As @catrinlliarjones says, there’s lots of fun stuff happening on the WSP community, and being stuck at home is making us all more inventive. One regular chatter has suggested we learn a Welsh poem together. Meanwhile the Four Macheteers have decided to interview each other for a Welsh language Desert Island Discs. That’s 4 incredible life stories, 32 eclectic pieces of music, 4 books and 4 luxuries! Advanced Welsh speakers might like to restrict themselves entirely to Welsh music, a Welsh language book, and a Welsh luxury…